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What is Onleihe?

4 easy steps to get started

 Step 1: Registration © Goethe-Institut

Step 1: Registration

Get a free "Mein Goethe.de" account, if you do not have one yet.

 Step 2: Activation © Goethe-Institut

Step 2: Activation

Activate your account in "My eLibrary" by clicking on "Log in".

 Step 3: Download Mobile App Now © Goethe-Institut

Step 3: Download Mobile App Now

Download on your mobile app store or use it on your browser.

 Step 4: The adventure begins © Goethe-Institut

Step 4: The adventure begins

In the Onleihe app, make sure to choose "Goethe-Institut" as your library and sign in.

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If you are having any difficulties, please contact us via this form. We would be happy to help you!