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Sternchen (Ruby O. Fee) and Dani (Merlin Rose)© Rommel Film / Pandora Film / Photo: Peter Hartwig

Goethe on Demand

On Goethe on Demand, the streaming platform of the Goethe-Institut, we present a variety of online film programs, film festivals and film series that can be streamed from home. More information about the alternating film series can be found here. The films are presented in original language with subtitles. They are accessible online and free of charge after registration.

How it works

Current film series

Gebrochene Tabus © AF Films

Online Film series
Broken Taboos

To mark the 75th anniversary of DEFA, the series presents five films by filmmakers from the GDR. They deal with social problems such as housing shortages, unemployment, criminality, and non-conformist youth and music culture. As special historical documents, the selected films provide a socially critical insight into life in the GDR.  

Goethe on Demand: Widerstand © Pro-ject Filmproduktion im Filmverlag der Autoren

Film series online
Signs of Resistance

With documentaries from four decades, the film series Signs of Resistance presents 14 films about civil society engagement, protest and emancipation movements, culture of remembrance, migration and environmental issues.

Goethe on Demand Film Calendar © Goethe-Institut

Happy Birthday

A number of major birthdays of famous filmmakers are coming up again in 2022. We want to celebrate filmmakers beyond the big names – young and old, who work in front of and behind the camera. 
And how better to do this than with a film from their respective oeuvres?