Living language © Goethe-Institut Neuseeland

Living language

Features, interviews, podcasts and a monthly blog exploring how learning a new language opens up worlds of possibilities, changes your outlook - and boosts your brain! Life is more interesting in more than one language. Find out more here...

Word Worlds

Colloquy Series Word Worlds © Pip Adam

Podcast series

Colloquy is a 4-episode podcast series which explores how other languages enlarge New Zealand literature written in English. We speak with New Zealand writers, publishers and readers about the role of “world words” in their work and the New Zealand literature they love.

Dave with bike at German rail station © Dave Lowe

Interview with travelling scientist Dr Dave Lowe

In the Goethe on Air Show 28 Dr Dave Lowe talks about opening windows on the world and winning part of a Nobel prize

Tuning In

After the show: Großer Saal Musiktheater in Linz, Österreich © Imogen Thirlwall

9th March 2018 - Berlin
In the audience

Berlin offers an incredible volume of diverse live musical experiences. Proximity to other European countries opens even more opportunity. In my first visit to Austria, I attended a production of “La Damnation de Faust” in Linz

Poster of the secret location gig © Katie Rochow

9th March 2018 - Wellington
In the audience

One of the best things about doing research on music-making in Wellington is that I “have to” go to numerous gigs, shows and musical festivities throughout the year. There is definitely no shortage of live music events


Frankfurt panorama at night © Cayla Fitzpatrick

High School Scholarship
International Arrivals

High school student Cayla Fitzpatrick lands at Frankfurt airport on a three-week PASCH scholarship and finds bright lights, fresh snow and a friendly green vegetable

Frankfurt skyscraper © Todor Cvetanov

High School Scholarship
The Big City

High school student Todor Cvetanov finds new sights – and sounds – in the metropolis of Frankfurt on a three-week PASCH scholarship

Language Tandem Breakfast © Carolyn Wu

Post-doc Research
Talking in Tandem

Neuroscientist Carolyn Wu gets into the “green range” during her post-doc research at Bielefeld University – with the help of a bicycle and a good German breakfast