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Communities, websites, social media - there are countless ways to learn German online. The Goethe-Institut has developed a range of digital offers, that allow you to learn German online, free of charge. You can also be sure that what you have learned is correct. Whether you want to get a taste of the language in the "Deutschtrainer"or even just receive entertaining tips in-between with "Goetheinstut.Deutsch" on TikTok and Instagram, here you will find the right offer for your language level and learning intentions.

Alexander smiling at you Foto: Goethe-Institut

Social Media

Welcome to our community! Alex from Berlin and guests from all over the world are waiting for you on our TikTok and Instagram channels. Learn all about the German language, gain an insight into everyday life in Germany and other countries. And share your experiences with others.

Apps – iOS and Android

Vocabulary trainer app © Goethe-Institut

Vocabulary trainer app

Learn German on the go with the Goethe-Institut’s vocabulary trainer app. The Goethe-Institut’s new mobile vocabulary trainer helps you to practise and improve your German by adding new words to your vocabulary even on the go.

Further offers

German Cities and Landscapes © Goethe-Institut

German Cities and Landscapes

High-tech and nature, sports and culture: Germany has many different faces.