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Living language

Features, interviews, podcasts and a monthly blog exploring how learning a new language opens up worlds of possibilities, changes your outlook - and boosts your brain! Life is more interesting in more than one language. Find out more here...

Tuning In

Urban Exploration Photo 2 © Imogen Thirlwall

Urban Exploration

Going off rail: exploring sites of German history 

Cuba Street © Katie Rochow

Urban Exploration

Birdsong to buckets on Wellington’s streets...

Word Worlds


Volunteering in Germany © Hannah McIntyre

Not Your Average OE

Ever heard of the German volunteer service? Hannah McIntyre explains how she went from high school in Auckland to working as a volunteer near the Black Forest…

Ana in train carriage © Ana Renker-Darby

Half a Year in Heidelberg

Health sciences, politics and German – Ana Renker-Darby rounds off her conjoint degree with six months in Germany’s oldest university town… .