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No Place to Go
4th German Film Week

No Place to Go | Die Unberührbare


Quote …honest, beautiful and undeniably moving. 

"No Place To Go" is the fascinating portrait of middle-aged writer Hanna Flanders, a monomaniac intellectual torn between her conflicting ideals and the new realities of a changing society. Hanna lives in a posh Munich apartment and desperately hangs on to the faded fame she earned as a controversial left-wing writer many years ago. Abuse of prescribed drugs, make-up and flamboyant wigs can no longer cover up the pains of the eccentric woman′s lonely life. Nor can shopping sprees in upscale boutiques satisfy the human needs which have begun to eat away at her protected cocoon.

In autumn 1989, Hanna is shattered by the fall of the Berlin Wall. Although a reunited Germany represents the end of an ideal for her, Hanna decides to seek out a new beginning herself - renew her career, solve her increasing money problems, rekindle an old romance with her publisher. Hanna sells everything she owns and sets out for Berlin, not even sure where she will live.

Based on the writer-director Oskar Roehler′s mother, real-life German writer Gisela Elsner - a bravura performance by beloved German actress Hannelore Elsner.

Source: German films Service & Marketing GmbH 

Film details

Germany | 2003
Director: Oskar Roehler
Genre: Drama
English Subtitles
Duration: 110 mins

Screening schedules

SM City Manila:

SM Megamall

Awards and Nominations

Cannes Film Festival 2000: Nominee, C.I.C.A.E. Award, Oskar Roehler
Chicago International Film Festival 2000: Winner, Silver Hugo, Best Actress, Hannelore Elsner
German Film Awards 2000: Winner, Outstanding Feature Film
German Film Awards 2000: Winner, Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role