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Application Requirements

HUB Residency © HUB Make Lab

The residency is open to Germany-based applicants from 25 to 40 years of age. Applicants must have a working knowledge of English. The application should consist of the following:
  1. CV
    This should indicate the applicant’s English proficiency.
  2. Letter of Proposal
    The applicant should indicate in the letter which maker(s) she/he chooses to work with during the residency. (Link: Complete list of makers) It should contain the artist’s motivations for applying and how she/he believes the residency could be beneficial to him/herself and the chosen maker(s). The proposal should give at least a clear direction on what the AiR wants to achieve with the residency.
  3. Portfolio of existing works with links and detailed information on previous projects and collaborations, if available 

Applicants should submit their requirements to program-manila@goethe.de with the e-mail subject title "HUB RESIDENCY MANILA - [Last name, first name]".
Deadline for application is August 30, 2019.