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HUB Residency© HUB Make Lab

HUB Residency

Are you an artist who is interested in creative businesses? Are you a craftsman who wants to experiment on new materials or methods?

If so, you are invited to apply for a one-month residency to work with creative entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals in the bustling metropolis of Manila.


HUB Make Lab X Goethe Residency Presentation will showcase the coming together of Eliz Ting and Sophia Guggenberger. During the period of one month this November, a space at the HUB Make Lab in Escolta was occupied and gradually filled with experiments and conversations on the topic of crafting with water hyacinth, a material that is prolific all over Laguna de Bay. From practical aspects of working with the material, the traditional weaving methods and its possible application, conversations of how craft and the communities working with it can exist and be supported, to the possibilities of communicating the potential of these specific knowledges, an ongoing conversation has gradually developed.

HUB Make Lab X Goethe Residency Presentation

Coming Together : An Exhibition

November 30, 2019 | Saturday | 1PM
HUB Make Lab
Ground Floor, First United Building,
413 Escolta St.
Binondo, Manila, Philippines

The Residency

The Goethe-Institut Philippinen and HUB | Make Lab invite artists, makers and creatives of all kinds to apply for a month-long residency from October to November 2019 in Manila. The artist-in-residence (AiR) will be hosted and work with creative entrepreneurs (“makers”) of her/his choosing. These makers are part of the HUB, a creative community & alt-retail incubation space for small independent businesses.

The Makers  
Program description
One (1) residency slot is available for applicants residing in Germany. The residency offers artists and creatives the chance to apply their works and expertise in a practical setting. The idea is to have the AiR work together with a local maker in developing new ideas or generating new information that would benefit both the maker in their business and the artist in their craft.
At the end of the residency, the AiR, with assistance from the maker, is required to present the result or an outcome of the residency in some kind of presentation to the public which could take the form of a small exhibit, a product showcase or a talk.


This call is open to (1) visual artists who would like to or already are dabbling in creative industries (e.g. painters, sculptors, fashion designers, interior designers, photographers, etc.), and (2) creative practitioners engaged in entrepreneurial practice (e.g. woodworkers, draftsmen, weavers, various craftsmen, etc.).

Duration, location, logistics

The actual residency will run for 1 month between October to November 2019. The AiR and selected maker(s) are expected to already be communicating and planning for the residency on-line well before the AiR’s arrival in Manila.
The residency’s primary location is Manila. The AiR is free to use a studio and/or office space provided by HUB | Make Lab.

Fees, support

The AiR’s travel expenses (flights, accommodations, etc.) shall be shouldered by the Goethe-Institut and HUB | Make Lab. Additionally, the AiR shall receive a grant of € 1,500 to fund the residency in Manila, including the AiR’s day-to-day living expenses (i.e. local transportation and meals).
The selected maker(s) shall likewise receive a project enabling grant of € 500 from the Goethe-Institut in order to execute the project with the AiR and also to offset potential costs and loss of income as a result of working with the AiR.
The Goethe-Institut and its partners shall not be liable to grant more funding to either AiR or maker(s) if the project’s financial needs exceed those of the grants.