Services for Librarians

Servicio para bibliotecarios Foto: © Goethe-Institut

Here you will find events, specialist information and networking opportunities for librarians.

The Goethe-Institut library works in partnership with other libraries and professional associations in this country and abroad to promote professional dialogue and exchanges.

In Singapore we work together with the National Library Board (NLB) and the Library Association Singapore (LAS) to organise conferences, study tours and exchange programmes in the information sector.

The Library Landscape in Germany. An Overview

The library landscape in Germany is vibrant and diverse. Around 11,000 libraries, all with their own specialist areas and target groups, ensure that access to information and knowledge is as barrier-free as possible.

Books on Wheels: Mobile Libraries

More than 100 buses and lorries can be seen chugging around suburbs and rural areas throughout Germany, bringing library services to people living far away from the nearest city or local library.