Achtung Buch!

Achtung Buch with Marie-Pierre © Laura Laakso

Are you interested in German literature but don't really know where to start? As part of our "Achtung Buch!" series, Marie-Pierre would like to share with you her favorites from our e-library. Whether it's contemporary literature, comics or children's books, she is happy to share her recommendations with you.

The Videos

Achtung Buch! #8 : "Song for the missing", by Pierre Jarawan © Goethe-Institut Montreal, Cover: World Editions

Achtung Buch! #8
"Song for the Missing", by Pierre Jarawan

Achtung Buch! #7 The Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka © The Text Publishing Company

Achtung Buch! #7
"The Metamorphosis", by Franz Kafka

Achtung Buch! #6 The Stranger, by Melanie Raabe © Goethe-Institut Montreal, Cover: The Text Company

Achtung Buch! #6
"The Stranger", by Melanie Raabe

Robert Menasse, "The Capital" © Cover: MacLehose Press, Background: Goethe-Institut

Achtung Buch! #5
"The Capital", by Robert Menasse

"An Inventory Of Losses", by Judith Schalansky © New Directions

Achtung Buch! #4
"An Inventory of Losses", by Judith Schalansky

Alina Bronsky "Baba Dunja's Last Love" © Europa Editions

Achtung Buch! #3
"Baba Dunja’s Last Love", by Alina Bronsky

"The Storyteller", by Pierre Jarawan © Aim Pé, World Editions

Achtung Buch! #2
"The Storyteller", by Pierre Jarawan

Lucy Fricke, Daughters © Goethe-Institut Montreal

Achtung Buch #1
"Daughters", by Lucy Fricke


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Our vlogger

Marie-Pierre has been the librarian at the Goethe-Institut Montreal for over 10 years. An avid reader since childhood, she explores a wide variety of literary fields with great curiosity. Of course, German literature is a particular focus of interest for her. After studying the classics as part of her Bachelor's degree in German Studies, she turns to contemporary German literature in her BookTube channels Achtung Buch! (in English) and Bonne Lektüre (in French). She lives in Montreal.

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