Months of Art Practice (MAP)

HAN MAP 2023 1500 © Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Month of Art Practice (MAP) is an artistic project dedicated to the development of contemporary art, initiated and annually organized by Heritage Space, the only registered independent art organization based in Hanoi. MAP wants creating a platform for artistic practice, intellectual exchange, public programs, and events.

Curators and artists from Europe and Asia, along with young talented Vietnamese artists will join this workshop and intellectual programs for several months, then present their works in two final exhibitions..

The theme for MAP 2023 will be “The Alternative Mobility”, which is realised by art-practice based studies, multidiscipline experiments and cross-cultural exchange with the perceptions of mobility from physical transportations to social movements towards sustainability.

MAP 2023 will collaborate with artists and professors of the Bremen University of the Arts to create an exchange platform for international and Vietnamese artists in Hanoi.
Guest curators will be invited to observe and conduct seminars, lectures for all artists. Finally, the results will be presented in public exhibitions in both Hanoi and Bremen.

To get more information about MAP, please take a look at the annual catalogs here:

About Heritage Space

Established since 2014, Heritage Space is an independent art space for many interdisciplinary activities including: art exhibitions and projects, library, music concert and performance, education and exchange programs, and other activities. Run by a team of art managers and curators, Heritage Space is aspiring to become a platform for individuals/groups/organizations from a wide range of domestic and international creative fields, with a long-term goal to support and contribute to the development of contemporary art & culture in Vietnam and the region.

About the University of the Arts Bremen

The University of the Arts Bremen (German: Hochschule für Künste Bremen, HfK Bremen) is a public university in Bremen, Germany. It is one of the most successful arts institutions, and its origins date back to 1873. The University of the Arts Bremen runs a Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, and a Faculty of Music, with approximately 900 students, 65 professors, and about 180 assistant professors.

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