Re-reading a literaty masterpiece
The girl Kieu

Weiße Kugeln © Franca Bartholomaei

Truyện Kiều is considered the most important work of Vietnamese literature. The beauty of the language, the spectrum of extreme life situations, the miraculous rescue of Kieu and the restoration of her life in dignity are part of the proud cultural heritage of Vietnam.

In appreciation of various translations and in reverence for the poet Nguyen Du, the Goethe-Institut focuses its attention on this literary work and raises the question of its contemporary interpretation and - closely related to it - the question of today’s role and image of women in Vietnam.
A symposium in July, an exhibition by the German artist Franca Bartholomäi in October and a theater evening, collaborated by four great stage directors, a film program and a call for for drawings and animation will offer new approaches to interpreting this masterpiece of literature and try to give relate it to today’s image and role of women in Vietnam.

Symposium: Re-Reading Truyện Kiều

History of translation in the German-speaking world

Commentary on the translation process


Theatre "Nang Kieu"

Video of four plays in the framework of theater project „Nàng Kiều“ performed in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. Four plays of four Vietnamese and German directors with different style already brought to the audience in the north and the south the interesting and remarkable experience. Enjoy the four plays!

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