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Call for entries for Science film festival 2022

HAN-Call for entries for Science film festival 2022

The Science Film Festival is open to submissions until March 18, 2022.

Submission link: Science Film Festival - Knowledge Through Entertainment - Goethe-Institut

Deadline: 18.03.2022
FAQ: Science Film Festival - Knowledge Through Entertainment - Goethe-Institut

Theme of the Year 2022
Equal Opportunities in Science

Equal opportunity is a state of fairness in which individuals are treated similarly, unhampered by artificial barriers or prejudices or preferences. Innovations resulting from science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields have positively touched nearly every aspect of human life. Yet, even today, science can exacerbate the equality divide in subtle and more pervasive ways and the continued underrepresentation of minorities and women in the scientific enterprise represents a challenge to cultivate an adequate international scientific workforce.

Diversity in science refers to cultivating talent and promoting the full inclusion of excellence across the social spectrum. Diversity is essential to delivering excellence in STEM. A diverse and inclusive scientific workforce draws from the widest range of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences thereby maximizing innovation and creativity in science.

The Science Film Festival 2022 is committed to increasing awareness on the issue of diversity and inclusiveness in STEM from underrepresented groups, in which studying and working in science is open to all and for the benefit of all sections of society.
During the festival period, the films are screened non-commercially in museums, schools, universities and other educational venues in participating countries through coordinated efforts of partners with existing networks and the capabilities to organize such screenings. Submitted films do not need to relate directly to the annual theme.

All films accepted into the annual official selection of the Science Film Festival are in competition for six awards bestowed at the festival. The awards are complimented with a cash prize of 1 000 Euro each. The Prize of the Jury is complimented with a cash prize of 3 000 Euro.

In Germany and the SAN region (Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand)

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Ongoing call for tenders
Consultant in Germany

Als spezialisierte und international erfolgreiche Beratungsgesellschaft im Risikomanagement suchen wir explizit Hochschulabsolvierende (m/w/d) aus Vietnam, die sich für einen Berufseinstieg als Consultant in Deutschland interessieren.

Consultant im Risikomanagement