"Everyday I see something new" by Miss Chelove

„Everyday I see something new“ von Miss Chelove© Miss Chelove, Photo: Mike Maguire
In 2011, artist Cita Sadeli aka Miss Chelove designed the mural Everyday I see something new in Washington's Adams Morgan neighborhood. It was created with the children of the Marie Reed Center in mind, whose playground is located right next to the building. The artwork, which spans a total of three floors of the building, pays tribute to various places and people that shape the life of the neighborhood. Among others, the restaurant Julia's Empanadas and a record store on 18th Street are part of the large-scale work. But very important, quasi as a cornerstone and fixed point of the whole scenery is the nameless cat placed in the lower left of the picture. It turns away from the scenery completely in the independent cat spirit, and is nevertheless part of it. She seems extremely content. Her story unfortunately remains unknown to us, although the graphic emphasis on her missing right ear tip suggests that this is not just a generic depiction of a feline neighborhood phenomenon, but rather a very specific animal.

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