"Tabby Cat vs. Banksy Radar Rat" by Tabby

Tabby: „Tabby Cat vs. Banksy Radar Rat“© Tabby, Photo: Mike Maguire
A strong attraction to a cat exerts the mouse. Whether as a gift for mistress or master, as a playmate or small snack in between, the tasty rodents are very popular in the world of cats. Even with the Austrian street artist Tabby, who often makes cats the motif of his artwork, the cat is usually on the move with prey, although in his case we assume it's rather a reference to Banksy's rat motifs. So that there is no misunderstanding here, his works have titles like Tabby Cat vs Banksy Rat - Pest Control, Tabby Cat vs Banksy Gangsta Rat or Tabby Cat vs Banksy Rat - You Lie. Several works from this Tabby Cat vs. Banksy Rat series are located in Washington DC, where our blogger Mike Maguire discovered them. Pictured is the Tabby Cat vs. Banksy Radar Rat. It is unknown if Tabby's choice of name is also inspired from the world of cats - 'Tabby' is, in fact, the name for cats whose fur is multi-colored.

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