Queer As Artsy Folk

Queer© Photo: TheDustyRebel
Street art is everywhere and speaks to everyone. It is full or void of color, loud or calm, gaudy or subtle and sometimes more queer than straight. Our new series Queer as Artsy Folk is about queer street art - by queer artists with attitude, mission and goal. Whether Homo Riot confronts the public with their homophobia or Hugo Gyrl sends the militantly encouraging You Go Girl through the continents - queer street art has many exciting facets. A few of them we show here.
© Photo: TheDustyRebel
Nellie's Ducky by Lisa Marie Thalhammer
© Lisa Marie Thalhammer, Photo: Mike Maguire
Church Street Murals
© William Craddock, Photo: Michelle Kay
Solo Amor - Arty & Chikle
© Arty & Chikle, Photo: Lucia Romero
You Go Girl - Hugo Gyrl
© Hugo Gyrl, Photo: Luna Park
50 cakes of gay
© Kashink, Photo: Aim Kré
Homo Riot - Kiss
© Homo Riot, Photo: Lord Jim