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Honors the film that makes an exceptional effort to communicate and proliferate environmental awareness. Ecological issues are discussed and explained clearly. The film inspires to care about nature and cultivates a sense of responsibility in that respect.


Dressing the Princess

"Dressing the Princess" is a compelling short film that chronicles the inspiring journey of urban conservationists Denisha Anand and Alex Landsdowne. Their remarkable efforts catalyzed an entire community to embark on the restoration of Princess Vlei, a culturally significant wetland nestled in one of South Africa's most marginalized regions – the Cape Flats. The jury was deeply impressed, recognizing how the film excellently portrayed the immense achievements local communities can attain when unified for ecological restoration and conservation. Set amidst the backdrop of gang violence and poverty prevalent in the Cape Flats, this narrative sheds light on the stark reality faced by many young individuals growing up in these neighborhoods – severed from the natural world and distanced from their own cultural heritage. What was once an abandoned wasteland during apartheid, Princess Vlei is now undergoing a transformative revival led by the community itself. The jury commends the emphasis on the crucial role played by the younger generation in this collective endeavor, highlighting the significant contribution and leadership demonstrated by the youth in effecting change. They emphasized how this portrayal could serve as an inspiration for communities worldwide, showcasing the power of unified action in similar contexts. By highlighting the success of the Princess Vlei restoration, the film underscores the vital importance of addressing past social injustices while engaging in present-day conservation efforts. It stands as a testament to the transformative potential embedded within community-led conservation initiatives.

  • Categories Ecology and Environment

  • Director Carter Kirilenko
  • Produced by ReWild Africa
  • Running Time 10:00 minutes
  • Country South Africa
  • Year 2022