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Visual Effects and Cinematography Award

Honors the film that demonstrates the highest level of visual craftsmanship through cinematography or animation. Moreover, the effects go beyond the aesthetic by serving an educational purpose. Scientific principles or processes are explained clearly and engagingly through the visual effects.

Visual Effects and Cinematography Award

More Life - Decoding the Secret of Aging

Can aging be reversed - or even abolished? If we succeed in unlocking this last secret of our human biology, we could soon defeat diseases of old age such as cancer, dementia and heart problems. The race to invent the miracle pill is already in full swing. Scientists around the world are coming remarkably close to realizing mankind's age-old dream of immortality. Whoever brings the miracle pill to market first will reap riches. In Hong Kong, therefore, young bio startups are being fueled with money from investors. From the USA, big tech is getting in on the action and competing for the world's best scientists. While the visions of some pioneers are bursting like soap bubbles, others are rushing to bring dubious remedies to market. But their effectiveness is now measurable. So if we are on the verge of conquering aging and thus all diseases of old age, fundamental questions arise: Should we interfere so much with nature? Are we going to overwhelm the earth with more and more people? The film uses animations and CGI outstandingly to depict biological processes, which help the viewer to better understand the complex science behind the subject matter.

  • Categories Natural Science, Life Science & Technology

  • Original Title Kurz vor ewig - Wie wir den Code des Alterns knacken
  • Director Martin Koddenberg
  • Produced by Deutsche Welle
  • Running Time 52 minutes
  • Country Germany
  • Year 2022