Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

Visual Effects and Cinematography Award

Honors the film that demonstrates the highest level of visual craftsmanship through cinematography or animation. Moreover, the effects go beyond the aesthetic by serving an educational purpose. Scientific principles or processes are explained clearly and engagingly through the visual effects.

Visual Effects and Cinematography Award


A visual exploration of decay, 'Wrought', not only delves into the natural processes of deterioration but also captivated the jury with its innovative use of visual storytelling. Impressively filmed through creative utilization of solely natural processes, the jury was deeply moved by the compelling narrative. The film commences with a relatable moment of disappointment when our food inevitably spoils, a universal experience. However, instead of averting our gaze in distaste, 'Wrought' intriguingly zooms in using time-lapse photography, inviting viewers to witness decay with a sense of curiosity. Throughout its narrative, 'Wrought' doesn’t just scratch the surface; it delves deeper, exploring how we humans construct categorical boundaries within the world. By delving into the categories of spoil, ferment, compost, and rot, the film challenges audiences to reconsider the rigid distinctions between human and non-human entities. By skillfully encouraging the deconstruction of these binaries, the film compellingly conveys the notion that our existence is intricately woven with relationships that transcend such simplistic categorizations. It beautifully illustrates how we are all, in essence, products of these intertwined relationships – forged, shaped, and indeed, wrought by them.

  • Categories Non-Verbal & Science Shorts

  • Director Joel Penner & Anna Sigrithur
  • Produced by Biofilm Productions
  • Running Time 20 minutes
  • Country Canada
  • Year 2022