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Visual Effects and Cinematography Award

Honors the film that demonstrates the highest level of visual craftsmanship through cinematography or animation. Moreover, the effects go beyond the aesthetic by serving an educational purpose. Scientific principles or processes are explained clearly and engagingly through the visual effects.

Visual Effects and Cinematography Award

700 Sharks

Legend has it that the shark is a lone wolf. He hunts alone. Think again. Most recent scientific findings show that the shark actually hunts in packs. In a groundbreaking experiment, five of the most experienced underwater scientists in the world will dive at night among 700 starving sharks, the largest school ever recorded. It took them 3 years of preparation to dare to descend among the predators. Their goal is to fit electronic trackers on one hundred squalls to monitor their movement and organization during nocturnal hunting. The challenge is to produce a 3D mapping which will reveal the sharks' movements, gathering points, attacks and strategies, at an unmatched scale. This study revolutionizes our understanding of the world's greatest predator.

  • Categories Natural Science, Life Science & Technology

  • Original Title 700 requins dans la nuit
  • Director Luc Marescot
  • Produced by ARTE France, Le cinquième rêve, Andromède Océanologie, Les gens bien productions, Filmin'Tahiti, CNRS Images
  • Running Time 1:32:32 minutes
  • Country France
  • Year 2018