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Theme of the Year 2024

Net Zero and the Circular Economy

The Science Film Festival 2024 will center on the theme of Net Zero and the Circular Economy, emphasizing the urgent need for actions beyond solely reducing global greenhouse gas emissions to address climate protection effectively. Recent research findings underscore that focusing solely on cutting CO2 emissions is insufficient to halt climate change. To meet the Paris Climate Agreement objectives, a swift transition to achieving net zero emissions is imperative. Yet, this ambitious goal demands significant changes that cannot be achieved overnight. Maintaining any level of net CO2 emissions above zero will perpetuate the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Net zero concepts aim to counterbalance carbon dioxide production by actively removing it from the atmosphere.
Integral to this pursuit is the concept of a circular economy, which prioritizes the sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, and recycling of existing materials and products for as long as feasible. By promoting the reuse and recycling of products, the circular economy effectively slows the depletion of natural resources, curtails landscape and habitat destruction, and aids in preserving biodiversity. On the occasion of its 20th Anniversary, the Science Film Festival endeavors to spotlight films from around the world highlighting the crucial role played by net zero concepts and the circular economy in combatting the challenges posed by the climate crises.