​A pre-jury of more than 30 local science education and science communication professionals from the participating countries are closely involved in the selection of the films.

In Indonesia the pre-jury in 2018 consisted of the following members:
Putu Lia Suryaningsih

Putu Lia Suryaningsih, or Putu Lia for short, identifies as being melancholy-choleric. She is a fan of Korean drama series, an avid novel reader, and has a penchant for traveling. She lives by her motto, “Do my best and let God do the rest”. Currently, Putu Lia is the head of Promotion and Cooperation Division in the Interactive Science Center (PP-IPTEK), an institution whose goal is to introduce science and technology in fun ways to make them more accessible. Her daily responsibility includes coordinating and engaging with science communities and the academia both nationally and internationally in pursuit of that mission. She is honored to directly be a part of Science Film Festival initiated by Goethe Institut, especially since PP-IPTEK has been supporting the festival since the very beginning.

Putu Lia believes that science and technology can be everyone’s best friend in addition to be effective tools to move Indonesia forward.

Putu Lia Suryaningsih

Staff at Interactive Science Center (PP IPTEK)

Evangs Mailoa

One of the juries in SFF 2018, Evangs is a member of the Informatics Engineering Program under the IT Faculty and teaches Programming and Artificial Intelligence (AI) class. He is currently getting ready to advance his education and studying AIl in sports.

SFF is not new to Evangs. For the past several years he has been involved in the festival’s organisation in Salatiga, Ambon, Jayapura, and Biak. He commends SFF for reaching even far-flung Indonesian towns, and he uses that opportunity to encourage kids in Eastern Indonesia to like and study science and technology. His dream is to see Indonesia on par with other countries in this field.

Evangs Mailoa

Lecturer, Information Technology Faculty of Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana

Melissa Karim

Melissa Karim or simply Melissa is a DJ of Sarapan Seru program, a morning show that broadcasts on weekdays on JakFM Radio. Born in Jakarta on 12 May 1978, she is a mother of the 7-year old Jazz and describes herself as someone who “loves traveling and loves life!”. Aside from her radio routine, she has diverse roles as Master of Ceremony (MC), actress with a number of titles in her portfolio, a screenwriter, and film producer.

She is honored to be a jury of the Science Film Festival 2018, especially since she has been personally involved in SFF since 2011.

Melissa Karim


Noah Simanjuntak

Noah is an avid traveler and a junior advanced certified diver. As a diver, he has swum with mantas, leopard shrimp, walking shark, dolphins, wobbegong, whale sharks and octopuses. His ultimate quest is to swim with Mimic Octopuses which until now has alluded him. His passion for diving takes him across Indonesia four times a year with his sister and his mom. He has been to Alor, Wakatobi, Derawan, Sangalaki, Labuan Bajo, and Kaimana. Noah is crazy for Science, especially in the field of zoology. This summer he will attend a summer camp, in the US to pursue his scientific passion in sharks and turtles. Noah is also a foodie. He has experienced many different kinds of food ranging from Indonesian to Japanese to Indian to French. He has been to many Michelin star restaurants and is proud to be going to his first 3 Michelin star restaurant, this summer during his summer camp. Noah is currently in the seventh grade at SPH Kemang Village. He is extremely honored to judge for the second 2018 Science Film Festival. His favorite quote thus far in life is: "You learn from your mistakes”-Thierry Henry

Noah Simanjuntak

Student, SPH Kemang Village

Eugene De Sade Basia

Eugenea De Sade Basia, born in 2008, is a fourth grade student in Jubilee School Sunter. She loves arts and plays double-bass, sings, and dances. Gynamstics is another of her favorite activity. She is also a movie-goer, and especially loves animated movies. She learns to appreciate the motion pictures from her father, director Eugene Panji, who regularly takes his daughter to the cinema to enjoy the latest movies.

​Eugenea De Sade Basia

Student, Jubilee School Sunter