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Discovery Award

Honors the film that makes an outstanding effort to promote learning about science to the general public. The film generates interest and enthusiasm for science and knowledge acquisition. It provides an exemplary balance between education and entertainment of the highest quality.

Discovery Award

nine-and-a-half - Your Reporters: Wind, Waves, Dung - What are Renewable Energies?

Renewable energies? The electricity of the future? Robert wants to find out what it's all about in this episode of nine-and-a-half reporters. What are the disadvantages of the individual energy generation methods? And how might we generate electricity from wind, waves and manure in the future? The show's team of reporters has the right sense for topics that are currently exciting for kids. And they also know how to present these topics in an appealing way.

Sustainable Development Goals

7 - Industry, Affordable and Clean Energy

  • Categories Family Edutainment

  • Original Title neuneinhalb – Deine Reporter: Wind, Wellen, Mist – Was sind erneuerbare Energien?
  • Produced by tvisison GmbH/WDR
  • Running Time 9:30 minutes
  • Country Germany
  • Year 2019

Director Details

Antía Martínez Amor