Five Recipes for Canning and Preserving
Savor the Flavor

A kitchen countertop with preserved goods on it Photo: Aphra Adkins © Goethe-Institut

There is a lot of downtime in the kitchen: waiting for meat to marinate, bread to rise, and vegetables to pickle. These five recipes require long wait times — and plenty of patience. After all, good things can’t be rushed. Each dish includes an introduction and recipe by Britta Gädtke, accompanied by Aphra Adkins’s creative food photography. Enjoy!

Aphra Adkins and Britta Gädtke


Joghurt Foto: Aphra Adkins © Goethe-Institut You can buy a variety of yogurts at any supermarket or corner store. But with a little time and patience, you can also easily make it yourself. Like so many foods that take time, the result is a particularly tasty product that conjures up delicious meals in your breakfast bowl.

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Saure Gurken Foto: Aphra Adkins © Goethe-Institut Some might say pickles are typically German, but — small and large alike — these crunchy green pickled veggies also come in Russian, French, and Polish varieties. In our household, we prefer the Spreewald preparation. Pickled cucumbers are widely available in all shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, I felt the need to make them myself. A long road lay ahead of me!

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Kimchi Foto: Aphra Adkins © Goethe-Institut Kimchi is a Korean preparation of fermented cabbage that results in a spicy, crunchy, and tart delight. Like other cabbage dishes, it originated as a means of enjoying vegetables when they are out of season.

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Sweet-and-Sour Pickled Pumpkin

Kürbis Foto: Aphra Adkins © Goethe-Institut Sweet-and-sour pickled pumpkin: you either love it or hate it. As far as I can tell, there’s really nothing in between. But if you are a sweet-and-sour pumpkin lover, you’ll need a fair amount of patience to make it because four weeks can feel like an eternity!

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Preserved Lemons

Zitronen Foto: Aphra Adkins © Goethe-Institut Salted lemons are used mainly in Moroccan cuisine and lend dishes a very characteristic touch. Just making them is a great pleasure. Observing the lemons becoming coated in fruity brine over time is a lovely sight.

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