What people are warning us about.

What people are warning us about © © DAAD/GIZ/Goethe-Institut Teaserbild - Wovor man uns warnt © DAAD/GIZ/Goethe-Institut

Populist and extremist tendencies are perceived as being on the rise in Germany – no other area of risk is under such diverse discussion abroad. Interviewees describe that they have experienced less tolerance and friendliness in recent years while staying in Germany. They are feeling increasingly unwelcome. 

“I never felt discriminated against in Germany. But in recent years I did and that makes me incredibly sad.”

The assumption abroad is that these tendencies are the result of deep-seated anxieties and social tensions in Germany; for instance the fear of losing one’s job or identity. Germany is struggling to find its own identity and is torn apart in many respects. 

Germany is expected to be very active at the international level, but at the same time it is warned against being too dominant. There is also a risk that Germany will rest on its economic laurels and be outpaced, especially in the area of digitalisation.