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From classic silent film to the latest German box office hits – every year, the Goethe-Institut organises several thousand film screenings as well as film festivals and workshops that offer German and international filmmakers a platform for joint projects. I addition, we cooperate with public television and radio broadcasters and support innovative radio plays and radio art. 

Exterior view of a Portuguese cinema KINO - Mostra de Cinema de Expressão Alemã at Cinema São Jorge in Lisbon,© Carlos Porfírio

Arts funding and residencies

Discipline: Film

The Goethe-Institut promotes art and culture in a variety of projects in Germany and abroad. You can search by genre, funding type and duration.

Arts funding and residencies © Unsplash/Maick Maciel

Inform. Research. Discover.

Inform. Research. Discover.

Cultural experts outside Germany can rent and order films via the film catalogue of the Goethe-Institut and regional film archives.The total range includes more than 600 feature films and documentaries.

The Goethe-Institut goes into your ears and opens your eyes. Goethe-Instituts around the world produce podcasts on different topics and in different languages.

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The cornerstones of our film activities include the supply of an extensive repertoire of German films licensed for worldwide exploitation and subtitled in numerous languages. On this basis, the Goethe-Instituts organise their own film events and participate in local festivals, thereby increasing the visibility and reach of German film abroad. Seminars and workshops with German and international filmmakers are hosted in cooperation with local film scenes. Hybrid and digital film programs on the Goethe on Demand streaming platform expand the cultural offerings beyond the institute's locations. 

Internet, live stream, web radio or podcast: Radio is constantly getting more attention – partly due to the new opportunities provided by the Internet. Not only reception, but also production by users themselves plays an increasing role. We support innovative radio projects. Activities in listening culture will be more increasingly anchored in our future programme work.


Please contact the respective film coordinators at the Goethe-Institut abroad with questions concerning projects in a particular country.

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