Education and knowledge

The Goethe-Institut deals with relevant social issues. We support processes that advance societies by providing platforms for artists, academics and journalists. Innovative developments, new event formats and strong cooperations characterise our work.

A woman with a microphone reading a book aloud to an audience Neigborhood Interpretive Center Los Angeles, © Goethe-Institut/Khalid Farquharson

Cities Ahead

Cities Ahead is a European programme initiated by the Goethe-Institut that promotes the transformation of creative spaces. Its aim is to transform the city into an ideal ecosystem for culture and creativity, harnessing its full potential for global dissemination and international cultural cooperation.

What we offer

Practical qualification in the field of cultural management with the Master of Arts (M.A.) in Arts & Cultural Management – an  interdisciplinary course of studies developed by the Leuphana Professional School in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut.

The world over, the cultural and creative sector is an engine that shapes social change. We train, advise and network creative professionals and support the development of sustainable infrastructures.

The Goethe-Institut creates new perspectives in international cultural work with its educational programmes. Cultural professionals can find opportunities worldwide for further training and networking with us.

The International Visitors Programme

The Goethe-Institut International Visitors Programme develops tailored, thematically diverse Visitors Programmes and digital encounter formats for international multipliers on behalf of the Federal Foreign Office and other clients. 

The international visitors programme © Goethe-Institut e.V.

About our work

The Goethe-Institut initiates and supports educational programmes worldwide for further training of cultural professionals in the fields of cultural management and entrepreneurship, advises cultural institutions and networks participating stakeholders. We engage in the fields of cultural and digital education and focus on topics being debated in public, the media and science.


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