Study preparation

We offer courses to optimally prepare students for higher education in Germany – academically, linguistically and culturally.
Our pre-study courses increase students’ incentive to learn German and in this way attract motivated and qualified professionals to the German labour market.
What we offer:
  • digital modules in STEM subjects / economic sciences
  • renowned partner universities with an allotted number of places for Studienbrücke students
  • intercultural training courses in preparation for a degree programme in Germany
  • preparatory language courses


The Studienbrücke programme offers students a direct route to an undergraduate programme in a STEM subject/economics.

Studienbrücke. Students learn together Photo: Goethe-Institut, Getty Images

Learn German

Learn German with success in more than 90 countries on-site at your Goethe-Institut or online.

German exams A1-C2

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German lessons

Teach German like a pro: Our qualified trainings take your German lessons to the next level. 

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