Teen Courses

Engaging, activity-based lessons that place emphasis on student interaction.

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Teen Courses
  • Motivational content for young learners
  • Active learning: speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Follows the school term dates
  • Highschool Exam preparation

Online Teen Courses

A young, smiling woman in jeans is sitting in front of a couch. She has a laptop and is taking part in an online meeting

Teen Online Courses 12-17 years

  • Weekdays 4.15 pm - 5.45 pm
  • Various levels (A1.1-B1.4)
  • Follows school term dates

Face to Face Courses
High School Students

A young man is in a kitchen sitting in front of a laptop

Intensive VCE Support Holiday Course

  • Every termbreak, three consecutive days
  • For students in grades 10 - 12
  • Perfect exam preparation
Lernende bei einer Videokonferenz. Sie macht sich Notizen. Die Kursleiterin ist auf dem Bildschirm zu sehen. Sie steht vor einem Whiteboard

HSC exam preparation courses

  • Every termbreak, daily for one week
  • For students in grades 11 and 12
  • Perfect exam preparation
Placement Test

Placement Test for Teens
Get in touch to find out which level you are. The placement test will be emailed to you once you have registered.

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