German for Hire

G4H program is continuing, albeit in virtual form!!

*The German for Hire program is currently continuing in digital form. The online variation of the German for Hire program can take place either as a pre-recorded video presentation or as a live online presentation in your virtual classroom. As always, the virtual German for Hire visits will be tailored to the needs of your class


German for Hire brings together students from Germany enrolled at Canadian universities and Canadian high school students curious about modern-day Germany.

If you can't go to Germany, let Germany come to you

 Foto: Bernhard Ludewig

For Teachers

Want to offer your students a special treat? Invite our German for Hire ambassadors into your classroom.

  German for Hire, For University Students Foto: Bernhard Ludewig

For University Students

What does Canada think about Germany? Find out for yourself when you start an intercultural dialogue with Canadian high school students.