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Emeka Ogboh Photo (detail): Emeka Ogboh © Marco Krüger

Rock, pop, hiphop, electro: at the beginning of every month we shine our search beacon into the nation’s studios and clubs from Kiel up north to Weilheim way down south. Together with Zündfunk, Bavarian Radio’s scene magazine, we showcase the latest music by riveting off-the-charts bands. Pop made in Germany can also be downloaded here.

Current Issue

Our March Popcast is the best testament to the diversity of the German music landscape. This edition begins

Masha Qrella
Masha Qrella | © Diana Naecke
with Masha Qrella, who usually sings in English and musically oscillates between pop and electronic. She is now releasing her first German-language album, "Woanders." In our interview, the East Berlin native explains the reasons for this change of heart and where the lyrics come from.

20 years ago, a strange song appeared on German radio stations. The singer was gone, he was on the "Sonnendeck” (Sun deck). The artist, a young man named Meinrad Jungblut, began a charmingly modest career with it under the name PeterLicht, who has given the German pop
Mouse On Mars
Mouse On Mars | © Valentin Paster
landscape quite a few fantastic albums filled with clever poetry.  We present the new album "Beton und Ibuprofen".

Also around for a while, but blessed with an incomparably greater international profile, are the fantastic Mouse On Mars, whose new album AAI is about artificial intelligence - and not only about it, but was also created using it. Learn more in the interview.

This Month with music by:

Deadbeat meets the Mole | BLKRTZ 
Emeka Ogboh | Ostgut
Masha Qrella | Staatsakt
Mouse on Mars | Thrill Jockey
PeterLicht | Tapete Records

Author: Ralf Summer
Speaker (English): David Creedon

Deadbeat and The Mole
Deadbeat and The Mole | © Cherie
The Montreal-Berlin circle closes with the presentation of two musicians who are well known here - Deadbeat and The Mole, who have both emigrated to Berlin years ago and have meanwhile started families there. Their joint album "Deadbeat meets the Mole" is not their first collaboration - but their first recording together. In the interview they tell us more about their new life, the Panorama Bar, playgrounds and Neukölln.

And finally we get to know the fascinating universe of Nigerian sound
Emeka Ogboh
Emeka Ogboh | © Marco Krüger
artist Emeka Ogboh, who releases his exciting sound collage based on field samples from his hometown Lagos, on the sublabel A-Ton of the famous Berghain label Ostgut Tonträger.


Previous issues

Popcast February 2021

With music by:

Albertine Sarges | Moshi Moshi Music
Grandbrothers | City Slang
Invisible Temple | Permanent Vacation
The Notwist | Morr Music
The Waves| Yoyaku Agancy

Author: Angie Portmann
Speaker (English): David Creedon

Yes, you're free today!
And you don't shake hands
With the people that you don't like

Albertine Sarges

The February Popcast starts with the presentation of one of the (probable) highlights of the year - the new album by Weilheim superstars The Notwist. Now without keyboardist Martin Gretschmann aka Console aka Acid Pauli, brothers Markus and Micha Acher and Cico Beck have invited a number of guests. In the interview they explain why their new album sounds so warm and inviting. But the best testimony to that is the song featured here, "Al Sur," which they recorded with the wonderful Juana Molina.

A wonderful new discovery is the debut album by Berlin-based Albertine Sargas, just released on British superlabel Moshi Moshi (Hot Chip, Au Revoir Simone). Presented here is her good-humored manifesto for greater personal freedom "Free Today," a delightful blend of gospel and new wave: she also has her say in the interview, talking about her counter-strategies in an unstable world where madness increasingly seems to reign.
  • Notwist im Wald © Johannes Maria Haslinger

    The Notwist doing occult stuff.

  • Notwist im Wald © Johannes Maria Haslinger

    Didn't want to hold still for the photographer The Notwist

  • Albertine Sarges © Christian Mamoun

    Albertine Sarges at home

  • Albertine Sarges © Steffi Rettinger

    Albertine Sarges at work

  • Grandbrothers stehen und schauen © Toby Coulson

    Grandbrothers thinking of the piano again

  • The Waves © Marie Staggat

    Steps out of the shadows: Maayan Nidam aka The Waves

  • Benjamin Fröhlich und Bostro Pesopeo © Invisible Temple

    Saddle fast in dub and Phtoshop: Invisible Temple's Benjamin Fröhlich and Bostro Pesopeo

The axis of the good, Zurich-Wuppertal-Berlin-Bochum, is the life path of the duo Grandbrothers, who present an excellent third album with "All The Unknown" on City Slang. They talk about their exciting technique of making a grand piano the central instrument for more than just piano sounds, and how the pandemic has changed their approach to production.

For "Maya," the new album of Berlin-based DJ Maayan Nidam, she not only took her old stage name The Waves out of mothballs, but she also even founded a label specifically for its release. She can't quite turn her back on club music as her musical home, but the tracks on the album are more in the realm of dark pop, as can be clearly seen in "I'm Still Here" which is presented here.

Who still remembers the great Munich label Permanent Vacation, named after a summer dream that unfortunately became truth last year. But Invisible Temple don't despair - label founder Benjamin Fröhlich his partner-in-crime Florian Peter aka Bostro Pesopeo dare to travel back in time to the 90s and hypnotize themselves and their fans with dubby electronics from the Digidub era, generously quoting from King Tubby and Adrian Sherwood.

#PopcastLive - 27 February 2021: Concert with Albertine Sarges and Band
Highlights-Video auf Instagram (02/2021)

Popcast January 2021

with music by:

Bernadette La Hengst &
Banda Internationale | Trikont
JISR | enja & yellowbird records
Lydia Daher | Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten
Rocket Freudental | Treibender Teppich Records
Salomea | enja & yellowbird records

Author: Ralf Summer
Speaker (English): David Creedon

Welcome to 2021!  
Salomea | © Karl F. Degenhardt
The first Popcast of the new year presents a colorful musical mix from the German music scene. Singer Rebekka Salomea Ziegler from Herbolzheim talks to us about the many influences on her newly released sophomore album Bathing in Flowers, which rests on a solid jazz foundation but confidently incorporates elements of electronic music and rock. "Nu-jazz" is what the press calls it. In any case, it is a good start into the New Year.
Mohcine Ramdan
Mohcine Ramdan | © F. Schweizer
Similarly multi-layered and influenced by jazz is the musical approach of Mohcine Ramdan, a Munich native with Moroccan roots whose JISR Ensemble has a clear mission to build cultural bridges. Influences on the new EP Too Far Away span the entire Mediterranean region, which is also reflected in the multilingual vocals.

Bernadette LaHengst & Banda Internationale
Bernadette LaHengst & Banda Internationale | © Stanislaw Fotografie
In 2018, as part of her commitment to protecting culture against the influence of right-wing politics, Hamburg icon Bernadette La Hengst wrote the song Wir sind die Vielen, which she has re-recorded in an orchestral version with the Dresden orchestra Banda Internationale during the Augsburg Brecht Festival, to be found on the newly released album Banda, Bernadette & Brecht.


Wir haben tausend Möglichkeiten, aber nichts in der Hand

(We have a thousand possibilities, but nothing in our hands ) Lydia Daher

With lyrical pop, less concrete but just as topical, the Berlin poet and singer Lydia Daher moves through
Lydia Daher
Lydia Daher | © Gerald von Foris
“obtrusive reality” on her new EP, Penetrante Realität. In the interview, she reflects on whether the pandemic renders artistic creation futile.
And finally, Rocket/Freudental complain about the inflationary
Rocket Freudental
Rocket Freudental | © Thorsten Puttenat
emergence of yoga teachers and why we actually still need to talk about homeopathy. Musically, the drum/vocal duo is rather minimalist, with the biting lyrics in the foreground.

#PopcastLive - 29 January 2021: Concert with „Salomea“
Highlights-Video on Instagram (01/2021)

Popcast December 2020

The last popcast of the year begins with a rising star of the German music scene: Max Rieger. After establishing himself as the singer of Die Nerven a few years ago, he turned to producing. Drangsal,

Max Rieger
Max Rieger | © Bettina Theuerkauf
Jungstötter and Ilgen-Nur are just a few of the names of artists he has since produced. But he is also tireless as a solo artist: We present here Andere, already the second album of his monumental project All Diese Gewalt.

A very interesting intercontinental collaboration is the Neosoul project Seba Kaapstad, which was founded by the award-winning bassist Sebastian Schuster from Stuttgart and the South African singer Zoe Modiga. How exactly this came to be, can be heard in the current issue of the Popcast.

The sampler 15 Years of Man Recordings from Daniel Haaksman's label of the same name features Brazilian MC Gringo, who radiates his good-humored Rio Baile Funk like a modern version of Señor Coconut. By the way, the track is a good introduction to a fascinating label that is
Call Super
Joseph Richmond-Seaton aka Call Super | © Kasia Zacharko
dedicated to the often-overlooked music scene of the southern hemisphere of our planet.

The new album of the British Berliner-by-choice, Call Super, combines elements of glitch with broken up house music. The album and the title track Every Mouth Teeth Missing presented here, is a testimony to the fact that producing on the computer itself has become an art form not to be underestimated. The technical competence with which Joseph Richmond-Seaton aka Call Super glues together hundreds of sound snippets to create pieces of deep atmospheric coherence is impressive.

And finally, we present the Berlin Jazzduo Training. Max Andrzejewski (drums) and Johannes Schleiermacher (saxophone) are  proof that the German jazz scene is good for some surprises. Their new *x EP is a
Max Andrzejewski and Johannes Schleiermacher are Training | © Johannes Schleiermacher
collection of improvisations that explore the limits and possibilities of traditional jazz.

with music by:

All diese Gewalt | Glitterhouse Records
Call Super | Incienso
Daniel Haaksman | Man Recordings
Seba Kaapstad | Mello Music Group
Training | Fun in the Church

Author: Ralf Summer
Speaker (English): David Creedon

Popcast November 2020

Urlaub in Polen Photo (detail): Urlaub in Polen © Frederike Wetzels
A reunion with old acquaintances opens the Popcast for the month of November: The wonderful Urlaub in Polen, which had announced their dissolution approximately nine years ago, suddenly emerge again on Hamburg’s traditional label Tapete. As influences they name West Coast Pop, Rhenish Techhouse and the chronically underestimated and unjustly horned early Dire Straits (the first three albums). It sounds wilder than it actually is – their album All is a well thought-out late work, composed with maximum effort and lots of wit by two exceptional artists.

On their own label Ilian (Surgeon, Skee Mask), the Zenker Brothers spread their good vibes in a cosmic journey through a dense sound fog, to finally arrive in their typical harsh breakbeat techno (on their site you can read about destructive delirium).

Orphea is the project of actress Lilith Stangenberg and Filipino musician, poet and filmmaker Khavn, who earlier this year celebrated the premiere at the Berlinale of an anarchic remake of the classic story of Orpheus and Eurydice directed by Alexander Kluge. Produced by Brezel Göring (Stereo Total), they recorded a hypnotic album somewhere between Edith Piaf and Liz Phair, which we can only recommend you check out.
  • Urlaub in Polen © Frederike Wetzels

    On the ride: Urlaub in Polen

  • Unbite © Ann Seifert

    They bite: Unbite

  • Golf © Daniela Milosovic

    Sporty: Golf

  • Orphea © Robert Huibonoha

    Traveling: Orphea

Golf, the ultimate pop band of the Staatsakt imprint (Die Türen) call in sick for Angst vor der Liebe (fear of love), but survive because of their happy moods. Funky Pop, Tropicalismo (sounds about right) and Cosmic Disco help the band to get over their grief. Berlin's talented producer Tom Hessler (photos), who paid attention to "club suitability in the mix", has certainly helped.

And finally, last but not least, we bow to Stuttgart's Unbite, whose partly desolate noise rock is a lot of fun, thanks to the outstanding vocals of bassist Daniela Schübel, even for the more gentle souls, and also fits really well into these times, when irony and/or patience have run out. Unbite sound a little bit like Sonic Youth, a little bit like NoMeansNo, and always like the guy who pokes up the street in front of your door at 7 in the morning.
Have fun listening and exploring!

with music by:

Urlaub in Polen | Tapete Records
Zenker Brothers | Ilian Tape
Orphea | Fun in the Church
Golf | Staatsakt
Unbite | Antena Krzyku

Author: Angie Portmann
Speaker (English): David Creedon

Popcast October 2020

Erregung öffentlicher Erregung Photo (detail): Erregung öffentlicher Erregung © Rosanna Graf
In the early 80s, Germany saw the emergence of the “Neue Deutsche Welle” (New German Wave), a local version of the then brand-new post-punk movement. With Dadaist lyrics and little respect for musical rules, West German youth for a time agreed on their preferences. The music of Erregung öffentlicher Erregung, the opener of this month's popcast, is reminiscent of the music from that time. But their recently released album also deals with unusual topics in terms of content – find out more about them and what they’re about in the Popcast.  Then there is news from the to some surely already well-known, bustling electronic musicians Acid Pauli (Notwist, Console) and Toulouse Low Trax (Kreidler, Salon des Amateurs), and brand new discoveries are two Berliners-by-choice – the Swedish Jazz musician Otis Sandsjös and the Chinese electro-pop icon-in-the-making Rui Ho.

With music by: 

Erregung öffentlicher Erregung | Schlappvogel Records/ Euphorie
Otis Sandsjö | We Jazz Records
Acid Pauli | Ouïe Music
Rui Ho | Planet Mu
Tolouse Low Trax | Bureau B
Author: Angie Portmann
Speaker (English): David Creedon

#PopcastLive - 28 Ocober 2020: Concert with Erregung öffentlicher Erregung
Highlights-Video on Instagram (10/2020)

Popcast September 2020

PIRX Photo (detail): PIRX © Moritz Gamperl
In September we offer an eclectic program in our monthly Popcast. This month, we learn of Pirx, a Munich quartet named after the pilot from a story by Stanislaw Lem. In their song Hot Cell they deal with the consequences of nuclear power, sluggish and gloomy, like an echo of the series Dark (Netflix). In contrast, Hamburg's Ashraf Sharif Khan and Viktor Marek aka Sufi Dub Brothers invent the "Sufistep". It's hard to describe it - just take a listen. It's great! There is also music from Berlin - the Argentinean Catnapp is a real new discovery and is known to attentive TV viewers for her cameo in the series Unorthodox. The Ukrainian-German trio Tvii Son reminds us of good old Electroclash times and finally there is news from the HipHop veterans Zugezogen Maskulin.

With music by: 

Ashraf Sharif Khan & Viktor Marek | Fun in the Church
Catnapp | Monkeytown Records
PIRX | Kommando-84
Zugezogen Maskulin | Four Music
Author: Ralf Summer
Speaker (English): David Creedon

#PopcastLive - 18 September 2020: Concert with PIRX
Highlights-Video on Instagram (09/2020)

Popcast August 2020

Rosaceae Photo (detail): Rosaceae © Katja Ruge

With music by: 

Haiyti | Warner Music
Deadbeat & Paul St. Hilaire | Another Moon
Skwirl | Space Hardware
Lyra Pramuk | Bedroom Community
Rosaceae | Pudel Produkte
Author: Ralf Summer
Speaker (English): David Creedon

#PopcastLive - 26 August 2020: Concert with Rosaceae
Highlights-Video on Instagram (08/2020)

Popcast July 2020

PC Nackt Photo (detail): PC Nackt © 7K!

With music by: 

Inga | Trikont
KUF | Macro Recordings
Minor Science | Whities
Paar | Grzegorzki Records
PC Nackt | 7K!
Author: Angie Portmann 
Speaker (English): David Creedon

#PopcastLive - 11 July 2020: Concert with Inga
Highlights-Video on Instagram (07/2020)

Popcast June 2020

Östro 430 Photo (detail): Östro 430 © privat/Tapete Records

With music by: 

Friends of Gas | Staatsakt
Golden diskó ship | karaoke kalk
Östro 430 | Tapete Records
Pole | Mute Records
Shantel | Essay Recordings
Author: Angie Portmann 
Speaker (English): David Creedon

#PopcastLive - 8 June 2020: Concert with Golden Diskó Ship 
Highlights-Video on Instagram (06/2020)

Popcast May 2020

Hans Unstern Photo (detail): Hans Unstern © Tanno Pippi

With music by: 

Mentrix | House of Strength Records
Hans Unstern | Staatsakt
Etapp Kyle | Ostgut Ton
Zebra Katz | ZFK Records/Kobalt
Akne Kid Joe | Kidnap Music
Author: Ralf Summer
Speaker (English): David Creedon


Popcast April 2020

Der Englische Garten Photo (detail): Der Englische Garten © Nader Safari

With music by: 

Messer | Trocadero
Pantha du Prince | Modern Recordings
Thomas Köner | Mille Plateaux
Ätna | Humming Records/Membran
Der Englische Garten | Tapete Records
Author: Angie Portmann
Speaker (English): David Creedon


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