New Nature

New Nature © Goethe-Institut Montreal

An Immersive Media and Climate Science Exchange between Canada - Germany - Mexico - US

Between May and December 2020 the Goethe-Institut Montreal invited leading climate scientists, artists, and technologists from Canada, Germany, Mexico and the United States working on the forefront of immersive technologies to connect and share their explorations on climate change and reflect on desirable futures. 

Beyond New Nature

We think that joining forces with basic science and art ideas and applications can really help get to where we want to get. 

Luisa I. Falcón

As an artist, I can build prototype systems that model experimental ways of thinking and that suggest ways to structure different relations with the biosphere.

Tega Brain

Reflections on New Nature in the Überblog

Public Programming

From May 25-28, 2020, New Nature started with a series of online sessions, consisting of internal workshops and meetings as well as public events such as keynotes and artist talks, these continue to manifest until December 2020 in public online screenings, artist talks and an audiovisual exhibition in Montreal and in Berlin in collaboration with Retune - Creative Technology Laboratory.

Past Events

Artist Talk Jenna Sutela and Markus J. Buehler © Jenna Sutela

Artist Talk
Jenna Sutela and Markus J. Buehler in conversation with Stefanie Hessler

Buehler, Hessler and Sutela discuss their respective work at the intersection of science, art, and technology. They raise questions of how to sense the natural world and its intimacies with technology at a time when boundaries between the natural and the artificial, the material and the spiritual, are more fluid than ever.

Grant programme

New Nature Audiovisual

New Nature

Opening Keynote | Leanne Betasamosake Simpson

© Goethe-Institut Montreal, Olivia McGilchrist

Video response

Concept & direction: Olivia McGilchrist

Nerea Calvillo in Conversation with Nick Shapiro © Goethe-Institut Montreal

Artist Talk | Nerea Calvillo in Conversation with Nick Shapiro

Olivia McGilchrist, interdisciplinary multi-media artist, researcher and student responder for the New Nature virtual conference in May, invited Petra Bachmeier, Heather Davis and Tamiko Thiel to reflect about water and water pollution through the lens of their own artistic work and research.  

Question 1 

Does the notion of “environment as freedom” offer any inroads for future collaborations with other New Nature participants through a combination of scientific data and immersive mediums, including storytelling? 

Question 2 

Does Ranganathan’s following question resonate with your work: “What would it mean to reimagine the environment as freedom?” If so, how would you approach this with future collaborators from different fields? 

Reflections by Heather Davis © Heather Davis, Olivia McGilchrist

Reflections by Heather Davis

Reflections by Petra Bachmaier (Luftwerk) © Luftwerk, Olivia McGilchrist

Reflections by Petra Bachmaier (Luftwerk)

Atoms Sphaerae by Tamiko Thiel, © Tamiko Thiel, Olivia McGilchrist

Atoms Sphaerae by Tamiko Thiel

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