Musique d’art (2021)

Musique d'art
© Klaus Rudolph

Projections libérantes - Musikfabrik


Simon Martin and Ensemble Musikfabrik continue their collaboration and present a new combination of sounds composed of harmonics of brass instruments and electronics. The work Musique d'art (2021) brings together the four instruments of the brass section of Ensemble Musikfabrik: Trumpet, Horn, Trombone and Euphonium. The sounds of the wind instruments evolve according to the electronic soundtrack. At the same time, the musicians influence the sound palette of the chords, which alternately unfold and intertwine in an infinite continuity of tension and relaxation. The sound of the instruments is reproduced by the loudspeakers in a delayed manner and additionally doubled by sine waves that resonate in mirror image, sometimes as a perfect reflection of sound, sometimes slightly distorted. The result is a rich and all-encompassing sound texture.




Price: $ 10 - $ 40

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