Professional development in Cyprus

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The Goethe-Institut in Nicosia offers professional development seminars and other events for teachers of German.

Deutsch Lehren Lernen (DLL)

The innovative concept of DLL puts the attention on the daily practices and challenges of the German language classroom and deals with the key players and fundamental elements of instruction. Topics such as language skills, grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, literature, classroom formats, etc. are integrated into a competence-driven teaching concept.

The Goethe-Institutsin South-East Europe (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina,Bulgaria, Greece, FYROM, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Cyprus. Coordination: Goethe-Institut Athens) offer the professional development seminar DLL.

The program is purely online. The offer is exclusively for German teachers in our region.

DLL’s innovative concept has been developed with the daily actions and challenges of classroom teachers in mind. Traditional topics, such as the teaching of skills, grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, literature, organizational forms, etc. are integrated into a competence and practice-oriented concept of further education.

DLL’s didactic concept of further education is based on action or teacher oriented theory: learning in the classroom should be optimized by the fact that one observes and reflects on one’s own lessons and that of others, recognizes new courses of actions and applies them in his/her lessons.

Assistance from video clip excerpts and the usage of Practical Exploration Projects (PEPs) enable teachers to reflect on and update their existing skills and apply any new insights in their lessons.

Furthermore, joint training in an international participant group, within the framework of DLL, offers the opportunity for direct exchanges with motivated colleagues regarding lessons.

Each DLL unit is published as a book with an attached DVD by the Klett-Langenscheidt publishing house, but can also be used and interacted with via the learning platform of the Goethe-Institut. Thus, DLL offers teachers the greatest possible flexibility in the individual planning of their further education.

The knowledge and skills acquired in education or through teaching experience should be updated and expanded on. German teachers should become more confident in the classroom and be able to continuously develop themselves with the help of the Practical Exploration Projects (PEPs). The BASIS programme, which consists of six units, deals with competencies that are described as ‘basic’ in the European profile for teaching competencies. 

Further information:
Didactic approach in further education
Content of the further education programme

DLL is aimed at teachers of German as a foreign language in primary, secondary and adult education.

Even without having completed a degree in German studies or German as a foreign language, teachers can develop their skills with units from the DLL series.

  • The DLL units (DLL1 to DLL6) can be individually selected and booked, which allows for flexibility in terms of time planning and learning intensity. The pace of learning can be partly self-determined. For this reason, the programme is particularly suitable as further training alongside your job.
  • The further education programme consists of self-study phases per course unit, while particular emphasis is given to the exchange and cooperation with colleagues on the learning platform of the Goethe-Institut. Each course unit takes twelve weeks.
  • Support from qualified tutors.
  • Access to the interactive learning platform of the Goethe-Institut, practical assignments, online tests, as well as networking and exchange with course participants from the region. 
  • The number of participants per course is limited to a maximum of 18.
  • Access to a comprehensive multimedia database of educational material. With the help of short videos from actual teaching and learning situations, you will be able to observe colleagues while they are teaching, and thus get ideas for your own lessons.
  • Development of a Practical Exploration Project (PEP) at the end of each course unit. The PEP gives you the opportunity to practically apply the leaned content. 
  • Following each successfully completed course unit, you will receive a certified confirmation of participation from the Goethe-Institut.

Registration form (in German)
Send your registration and the scanned bank receipt by email:

You will be enrolled as soon as you send us the registration form and the bank receipt by email.

As an explanatory note when transferring the fees, please provide your name and the DLL unit you have chosen.

Participation in the training course costs €150.​