How to greet someone is often the first hurdle in dealing with new languages and cultures.

Ready for Work

The Ready for Work German course is an excellent option for on-the-job training, especially when incorporated into the onboarding process for international staff. In this way, we can help your employees to take their first steps in your company or organisation, encouraging integration in the workplace and helping to minimise staff turnover. By taking the Ready for Work German course, participants will improve more than just their language skills. In particular, we focus on professional vocabulary, widespread language barriers in the world of work and cultural aspects of German communication.

  • Support provided to your employees during the first steps
  • Interactive group exercises
  • Inter-cultural training
  • Individual offer for your company

Our courses at a glance

  • Format: in-person or online lessons
  • Scope: 30 lessons (each 45 minutes), two back-to-back lessons each time
  • Procedure: In separate groups, dates and times by arrangement 
  • Language levels: B2, C1, C2
  • Maximum number of participants: 16 

Levels offered

Language Level B2, C1, C2

Your on-the-job training

The participants will learn about professional or workplace situations and reflect on these together as a group in simulation exercises. The Ready for Work German training course will allow your employees to develop strategies they can use to help them respond to professional situations in German. During the course, they will receive ongoing learning support. We are happy to work together with you to develop the right solution for you.

When is the Ready for Work course a particularly good choice?

Especially in a professional context, terminology is of great importance.

To learn professional vocabulary

Can your employees speak German but find themselves lacking in professional vocabulary? The Ready for Work language course will enable you to eliminate this problem and address it at an early stage during onboarding.

This language course enhances the integration of employees in the workplace.

To integrate your staff members

Do your employees need support as they take their first steps, seek to understand the work culture and look to integrate themselves into your organisation? We will make it easier for them to get started. On the Ready for Work German course, your staff will improve more than just their language skills.

Reacting in a foreign language is unnatural at the beginning.

To dismantle language barriers

Do your employees find it difficult to respond appropriately in German? On this language training course, participants will be confronted with common professional or workplace situations and learn to deal with them during group simulations so that they can avoid misunderstandings.

Uta Beckmann © Goethe-Institut

Do you need any support in your onboarding process? I would be delighted to support you along the way in getting your employees ready for their everyday professional life in Germany.

Uta Beckmann, Sales Officer, Goethe-Institute in Germany

How you will benefit

Applied learning with simulations in a group setting

Applied learning with simulations in a group setting

Quick learning success thanks to hands-on support

Well-equipped media library for individual learning

Well-equipped media library for individual learning

Unfortunately, individuals cannot register. This training course is only offered to closed groups, with the company or organisation itself undertaking the registration process.

If you are an employer, it is easy for you to get in touch. Simply email us with the number of participants and your specific needs. We look forward to working out a tailor-made solution for you.

Participants must be able to demonstrate that they are at least at language level B2.

Simply email us with the number of participants and we will create a tailor-made solution.

Despite having a good knowledge of German, international employees often lack the necessary professional vocabulary or cultural understanding. This training course will support your employees’ arrival and integration process in your organisation, which will reduce staff turnover.

Yes, after completing the Ready for Work German course, all participants will receive a certificate of achievement.

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