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The warmest spot in Germany.

Freiburg stands for sun, as the university city in the Black Forest is the sunniest city in Germany. And to cool off, the streets of Freiburg have lots of “Bächle”, which are small channels filled with crystal-clear water. Simply dip your feet in them. Especially after a walk to the Schlossberg.

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Sun city Freiburg Photo: Novikov

Sun city Freiburg

Get some sun and cool off in the “Bächle”? Something that just goes hand in hand in the old university city.

Black forest Photo: Reitz-Hofmann

Black forest

The forest that isn't that black. Yet it harbours a few secrets. There are still supposed to be Black Forest gnomes here.

Baden-Baden Photo:


The city is world famous for its sophisticated casino and even the Romans came here to relax.

For example: amusement park, badminton, barbecues, basketball, beach volleyball, bowling, city walking tours, concerts, cycling, disco nights, flea markets, foosball, handball, hiking, jogging, minigolf, movie nights, museum visits, music room with piano, playing fields, soccer, summer tobogganing, swimming, table tennis, tennis, theater, volleyball

Supervised transfer from Zurich airport

A transfer service between Zurich airport (ZRH) and the course location in Freiburg will be offered from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the official arrival and departure days (waiting times may be involved).

This costs EUR 150 for arrival and departure. You can register for the transfer up to 8 weeks before the start of the course. Please use our online form to register.
One of our employees will be waiting at the transit area exit in the arrivals hall to greet the children when they arrive.
He/she will be carrying a Goethe-Institut sign and will have identification. For organisational reasons, we cannot tell you the name of the employee until three days before the start of the course, at the earliest.
On the departure day, we will accompany your child as far as the airport check-in.
In the event of the flight being delayed, please note that a transfer outside the official transfer times will not be possible. In this case, you will have to take a taxi instead. The costs are around CHF 640/EUR 585.

Individual arrival by plane

You can also organise your arrival yourself. The most convenient airport is Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg (BSL, MLH, EAP). A taxi transfer from the airport to the course location costs around CHF 320/EUR 290.
Destination address: KL Freiburg, Karthäuserstr. 41, 79102 Freiburg

Individual arrival by train

You can also organise your arrival yourself. The nearest train station is Freiburg. A taxi transfer from the train station to the course location costs around EUR 10.
Destination address: KL Freiburg, Karthäuserstr. 41, 79102 Freiburg

Contact before the course starts

Please direct all of your questions and messages to the Goethe Institute's head office before the course starts:
Phone: +49 89 15921-800

Address and telephone numbers during the course

Course office Freiburg
Karthäuserstr. 41
79102 Freiburg

Phone and E-mail: will be communicated on Friday before the course starts.

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Hannah, 23, supervisor on the youth camps Photo: Goethe-Institut/Thomas Koy

“We manage to get along with each other on the courses in a peaceful, happy and tolerant manner – so you think to yourself: it's not that difficult and it must be possible for the rest of the world to manage!”

Hannah, 23, supervisor on the youth camps

Any other questions?
We would be happy to advise you:

Any other questions? +49 89 15921-800 We would be happy to advise you: