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  • Practice with native speakers
  • Content-guided conversations
  • Developed by teachers
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Overcoming the anxiety to speak German

With Speak German Online you practice with a German native speaker one on one. The native speakers guide you through thoroughly designed conversations, supporting you to overcome your anxiety about speaking German. Improve your German speaking skills in a relaxed atmosphere without any pressure.

*In order to have a good learning experience, you should have some prior knowledge. However, if you are about to complete level A1, Speak German Online is suitable for you.

  • Level
    beginners* and advanced learners

  • Start

  • Duration
    10 sessions in total
    30 min per session

  • Access to learning platform
    3 months from the time of booking
    only with Google Chrome ®

  • Price
    EUR 199

German Online Conversation

How does Speak German Online work?

In 30 minute sessions the native speakers guide you through a content guided conversation. You can choose for every session from over 14 subjects what the conversation should be about. Depending on the level, the native speakers have images, questions, facts an fun pub quiz questions as well as little roleplays and debate topics.

Level: The native speakers adapt to your level of German and you can train exactly what you need for a fluent conversation in German.

Conversation partner: You speak with a native German speaker who specialises in conversation with learners of German and creates a positive conversational atmosphere. However, the native speaker is not a teacher.

Selection of conversation partners: In the first 4 sessions, You will be assigned to different high-rated native speakers anonymously. We want you to get accustomed to different accents and styles. Afer your 4th session, you get to select any native speaker you would like to speake to.

Schedule: You can book your session up to three days in advance or right for the next day. No matter where you are, there will be sessions available throughout your day. If your plans change, you can cancel your session up to 24 hours before your scheduled session.

Questions: If you have any questions, you can find helpful answers on the Q&A page of the learning platform.

Late arrivals: If you are 5 minutes late to your session, it will close and expire. We recommend that you log in 5 minutes before the beginning of the session. For the first session, we recommend logging in 15 minutes early to ensure that the login details, the microphone and the camera all work without any issues.

Refund: We would like to point out that you can't request a refund if you have conducted or booked more than 1 session.

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In a few steps to Speak German Online

  • Book your course conveniently online

    Click the booking button.

    After you have checked your selection, log into your Mein Goethe account. If you do not yet have a Mein Goethe account, click on “Register”.

    Please make a note of your Goethe ID (consisting of your e-mail address and a password).

    Now complete the booking. We look forward to seeing you!

  • Check your inbox for e-mails with your access link

    After the booking, you will receive three e-mails. This may take a short time.

    You will receive an e-mail with confirmation of your booking. In the other two e-mails, you will receive access to the learning platform and some additional information.

    In future, you can also log in directly via this website. Click on “MEIN GOETHE.DE – SIGN IN” on the upper right edge of your screen. Select “MY COURSES AND EXAMS” and enter the login data you used when booking.

    Screenshot Anmelden
  • Welcome to the learning platform!

    Click "Welcome" and select your level.

    Select a topic that you would like to talk about.

    Choose the call type. You can choose between a conversation with and without a camera.

    Choose the date and time that suit you most.

    If you have completed four or more sessions, you can select the native speaker that you would like to speak with.

    Confirm your selection.

    Illustration mit zwei Zahnräder und einem Stift
  • DSO Icon Vokabeln

    Refresh your vocabulary

    To refresh your memory, you can revise a list of vocabulary based on the topic and suitable to your level.

    We recommend that you visit the vocabulary list at least five minutes before your booked session.

  • Start the session

    Log in at least five minutes before your session to your Mein Goethe account or use the direct access link to the learning platform, which you received in an e-mail.

    Please check whether your microphone and camera are working properly.

    Now you’re ready to start and speak to a German native speaker right away. Have fun and good luck!

    Deutsch Sprechen

Subjects to choose from

Structure of the conversation

  • Talk German 2 Me - conversation structure

         Questions & Facts

    Available to all levels. From simple to more complex as your level progesses.

  • Talk German 2 Me - conversation structure


    The roleplays are available for levels A1-B1. They are great to make the conversation more fun.

  • Talk German 2 Me - conversation structure


    Debates are only available for advanced learners (B2-C1). They allow you to expand your German knowledge significantly.

  • Questions


    Images are introduced to make the session more interactive and to add some fun games.

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