Workshop DRIN Writing workshop

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Empowering BIPoC in writing children's books

Chantal-Fleur Sandjon | Communication scientist and author
Warda Ahmed | Comic artist
Jasmina El Bouamraoui | Illustrator
In collaboration with Halima Media

Children’s books are becoming more and more diverse, reflecting the reality in a diverse society. Still, the writers of those books are still rarely as diverse as the society itself, authors of Color, with experiences of racism, migration and/or flight, are strongly underrepresented on the children’s book market. Thus, this workshop aims at empowering BIPoC that are interested in or are already writing books for children.

Participants will learn more about writing, editing and publishing stories, about ways to include their own experiences and create inviting and exciting narratives for young people.

To participate, please submit a short summary of your story idea (max. 1 page) by 26.7. via e-mail to
What is your story about?
Who are the protagonists?
Which age group is it aimed at?
How far along in the process are you?

The workshop is open to BIPoC, people with experiences of racism, interested in writing for children. If you are not yet working on a story, please tell us a little bit about why you would like to write for children.


MO 2.8. Evening input-session
              Introduction - How to get started
TUE 3.8. Afternoon in Goethe Institut (optional)
Writing session
WED 4.8. Afternoon in Goethe Institut (optional)
             Writing session
THU 5.8. Evening Oodi 6:00pm
 Public event
FRI 6.8. Evening input-session
              Publisher - How to get going
SAT 7.8. Morning-noon input-session
              How to finish

The event will be organised according to prevailing corona-restrictions.

The workshop is part of the project DRIN - Visions for Children's Books.