Breakfast@Goethe © Goethe-Institut Finnland


Breakfast@Goethe is a series of gatherings where cultural professionals from Germany meet fellow artists and experts based in Finland and exchange ideas about current topics while enjoying vegan breakfast together.

Illustration, on the left-hand side you can see an open book against a beige background, illuminated from above by three spotlights. On the right-hand side, the same motif is smaller and can be seen five times on a bright orange background. © Goethe-Institut/ El Boum

Vorzeichen. Whom, What, and How We Read.

Through online readings and talks at the intersection of scholarship with the literary scene, as well as book reviews on Instagram, the series intends to open up spaces for texts and readers, different ways of reading and new perspectives on literature. Read more about the project and upcoming events on the website of the project. 

two persons Illustration: El Boum/ Copyright: Goethe-Institut

Artificially Correct

How does bias get into the translation and what can we do about it? The Artificially Correct project connects translators, activists and AI experts to reduce the problem of bias in translation in the context of artificial intelligence.

The “DRIN” project © EL BOUM

DRIN - Visions for Children's Books

Children’s books shape the world view we grow up with. It is important for children to be able to recognize themselves in stories, illustrations and narratives and, at the same time, to learn about the different realities of life around them. Does children’s literature in Germany, Finland and other (Northern) European countries today reflect the increasingly diverse societies in which we live, or does it make a growing proportion of its young population invisible?

Fjorden by Susanne Hætta: Ein schwarz-weißes Foto von einer Indigenen Frau auf einen Fjord mit Pferden im Hintergrund © Susanne Hætta

The Right to Be Cold

A cross-border, interdisciplinary project focusing on the Arctic and Boreal regions: It negotiates questions of Indigenous rights, ecology, climate justice and culture. To this end, voices from different perspectives are heard on this website.

Crowd Banner © Goethe-Institut London

Crowd - international dance exchange

CROWD is a dance residency programme developed together with European partners in a time when international sharing and human togetherness is needed more than ever.

Malkreide Bild: Jason Leung |

In Deutschland zu Gast

Hier stellen wir Residenzkünstler*innen vor, die auf Einladung des Goethe-Instituts eine längere Zeit in Deutschland verbringen. Ein solcher Aufenthalt dient der Arbeitsruhe, ermöglicht es, international Fuß zu fassen und sich mit Künstler*innen aus aller Welt sowie mit deutschen Organisationen zu vernetzen. 

Ships in the harbour of Helsinki Photo: Goethe-Institut

Our Guests in Finland

Our guests are residence writers and authors who spend a long time in Finland. Here, they report in text and pictures on their experiences in Finland, their work and the residence stay.