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In focus

Small conical hut in the snow Photo (Detail): © Susanne Hætta

The Right to Be Cold

“The Right To Be Cold” is a cross-border, interdisciplinary project focusing on the Arctic and Boreal regions: It negotiates questions of indigenous rights, ecology, climate justice and culture. To this end, voices from different perspectives are heard on this website. They all deal with climate change, which is fundamentally challenging and changing northern living conditions. 

A man doused in black paint holding his hands in front of his face. Foto (Detail): Dario Oliveira © picture alliance/ZUMA Press


The Goethe-Institut invites experts and creatives worldwide to exchange ideas on colonial power relations, their consequences and, above all, how to dismantle them: in discourses, interviews, opinion articles and art projects. For a decolonized and non-racial world.

Neon sign with the word Change Ross Findon | unsplash

Goethe x Change

Are you standing in front of the parliament every Friday, demonstrating for the future? Do you sense eco anxiety and don't know how to deal with it? Do you want to activate yourself?