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Illustration: Children of different skin colours with the project name DRINIllustration: EL BOUM

DRIN - Visions for children´s books

Children’s books shape the world view we grow up with. It is important for children to be able to recognize themselves in stories, illustrations and narratives and, at the same time, to learn about the different realities of life around them. Does children’s literature in Germany, Finland and other (Northern) European countries today reflect the increasingly diverse societies in which we live, or does it make a growing proportion of its young population invisible?




Logo Bibliothekartag 2021 Bibliothekartag 2021

FRI 18.6.2021, 12-13 EET
DRIN at Deutscher Bibliothekartag 2021

Who writes the children's books that we find in bookshops and libraries? The participants to the discussion bring their own view of children's book and represent different positions on the topic. 

Children with globe Getty Images

Thu 03.06.2021, 1-2 pm EET
Diversity as a knowledge perspective for the intersectional education

Panel discussion during the conference for "Rasism sensitive Education and Teaching in Schools and Universities". Chantal-Fleur Sandjon from the DRIN-project takes part.

Illustration: Children of different skin colours with the project name DRIN Illustration: EL BOUM

Book club | Wed 19.5.2021, 19-20

Welcome to the DRIN book club to discuss diverse children’s literature! This time with the illustrator Warda Ahmed and Gabriele Koné (ista – Institut für den Situationsansatz). For everyone reading, making and using children's books!

Stop Hatred Now Logo. Photo (Detail): #StopHatredNow/Antti Kekki

Wed 19.5.2021, 12-13.15 EET
DRIN at the #StopHatredNow-platform

The intercultural and anti-racist platform #StopHatredNow takes place virtually in May. The event creates new discourse on diversity, inclusivity, power structures and intersectionally feminist strategies. This year’s theme is Reshaping Horizons of Hope.

Illustration: Children of different skin colours with the project name DRIN Illustration: EL BOUM

Wed 5.5.2021, 9.30-13.30 EET
Sri Lanka: DRIN - Visions for Children's books

A webinar in the context of the DRIN-project by the Goethe-Institut Sri Lanka, in collaboration with the Sri Lankan Ministry of Education, the SLBbY, Read Plus Foundation, Room to Read and the National Institute of Library and Information Sciences (NILIS), University of Colombo.

Vier Menschenfigure mit Büchern in den Händen. Blumen im Vordergrund. © Mira Piitulainen

Webinar | Wed 28.4.2021, 1-4 pm (EET)
Towards a more diverse literature for children: A meeting-point and how to get started

What kind of books do we need so that all children feel included in the stories? We invite all new and existing children’s authors, illustrators and publishers as well as everyone working with children’s literature to attend our webinar.

Illustration: Children of different skin colours with the project name DRIN Illustration: EL BOUM

Book club | Wed 21.4.2021, 7-8 pm
DRIN: Children's books for everyone #1

Welcome to the DRIN book club to discuss diverse children’s literature! In each meeting there will be 2-3 book introductions followed by discussion and exchange of thoughts and ideas. Everyone is welcome to the book club: parents, teachers, kindergarten teachers, librarians as well as everyone else working with or using children’s books.

Illustration von Menschen unterschiedlicher Herkunft, die um einen Tisch stehen. Illustration: Jenny Lucander

Webinar 11.11.2020, 16-18 Uhr
Diversität in der Illustration von Kinderbüchern

Wie lassen sich alternative, unterrepräsentierte Narrative von Stimmen und Bildern auf dem Buchmarkt einführen? Verschiedene Illustratorinnen beleuchten das Thema aus ihren eigenen Perspektiven und berichten über die Situation in Finnland. Ebenso öffnen sie das Thema mit illustratorischen Beispielen und mit Hilfe von Bild-Analysen.

Illustration: Children of different skin colours with the project name DRIN Illustration: EL BOUM

Webinar | THU 04.06.2020, 2-6 pm (EET)
DRIN - Visions for children's literature Vol. 2 (International)

A webinar on children's literature, diversity and representation with perspectives from Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

Soap Bubble in different colours Photo: Alexas_Fotos auf Pixabay

Webinar | FRI 15.05.2020, 10-12
DRIN - A Webinar on Visions for Children's Books part 1 (Finland)

A webinar that aims to share insights into the field of children’s literature: how to get access into the publishing world, how to find colleagues/ partners who are interested in the same topics to work on together? - Participation via open call-application only.

Pile of children's books Photo: Annie Spratt/ Unsplash

Discussion | MON 02.12.2019 | Oodi
Diversity in children’s literature

The journalist Fridtjof Küchemann (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), the illustrator El Boum (Jasmina El Bouamraoui), the author and diversity trainer Chantal-Fleur Sandjon and the Finnish comic artist, teacher and activist Warda Ahmed discussed diversity within children’s literature.

Ein kleines Mädchen sitzt auf einer Wiese und schaut ein Buch an. Foto: MI PHAM (Unsplash)

Työpaja | MA 26.11.2018 | Turku
Decanonising Children's Literature?

Workshop in der Stadtbibliothek Turku im Stadtteil Varissuo, organisiert vom Goethe-Institut zusammen mit dem ”Children’s library project” der Åbo Akademi und Lukukeskus (Finnish Reading Centre).


This page gathers materials from events that were organised in the context of the project. The materials are freely accessible. If you have questions or comments, we will gladly put you in contact with the persons who made the presentations.


Jenny Lucander, illustrator, Finland:
Jasmina Bouamraoui and Warda Ahmed, illustrators, Germany/ Finland  

Material from the international webinar "DRIN - Visions for Children's Literature" 4.6.2020

  • Prof. Dr. Maureen Maisha Auma, Germany | Kindheit und Differenz (Diversity Studies) | Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal/Visiting professor TU Berlin:
  • Author Johanna Lestelä, Finland
  • Librarian Woody Oliphant, Sweden:

The group discussions


The “DRIN” project © EL BOUM


Our project DRIN focusses on you, the children, and on the books you are reading. It focuses on your heroes and heroines, your fantasy worlds and on the the fact, that everyone of you finds themselves in the books. 
There is no better way to create more favourite books than to ask you directly what kinds of books you would like to read. This is why we ask you:
- What annoys you in the books you have read so far?
- Which kind of book would you like to read, but have not found yet? 
For children up to class 4: Send us your ideas to bibliothek-helsinki@goethe.de. Every idea has the chance to win a book.

Collage of photos by participants of a workshop for illustrators and authors in Nigeria. © Goethe-Institut/ Lucid Creative

Reading Promotion in Nigeria

Two five-day workshops for children's book illustrators and authors, facilitated by Baba Aminu Abdulkareem and Ute Krause, took place in Nigeria in March 2019 and March 2020. The workshops' aim was: to develop affordable children's books for the Nigerian market, which tell imaginative, yet realistic, stories that reflect the country's social and cultural environment.

Illustration: Children of different skin colours with the project name DRIN Illustration: EL BOUM

DRIN - Children's literature

Examples of children's books from the library of the Goethe-Institut.

Paint brushes Photo: Rhondak | Unsplash.com

Book recommendations

The German Academy for Childrens' and Youth Literature has composed a list of books to offer impulses towards an integrative (reading) culture. The list collects a representative selection of books about children/ people of color.

A laughing young man and the Latitude logo Photo (Detail): © Getty Images, Logo: Tobias Schrank

DRIN as part of Latitude

With the online magazine “Latitude”, the Goethe-Institut provides a platform for global discourse on colonial power relations, their consequences and how to overcome them. In interviews, essays and a range of other formats, the magazine highlights issues such as decolonisation, preservation of indigenous cultures, the role of museums, restitution and dealing with cultural heritage.

Logo #Stophatrednow Photo: #Stophatrednow


#StopHatredNow is an intercultural and anti-racist platform that strives to create discourse and offers tools to create a more inclusive, diverse and feminist art field. This list collects material that deals with diversity, racism and (post-)colonialism.

Project creators

Self-portrait of the illustrator EL BOUM with rainbow and flowers Iluustration: EL BOUM


EL BOUM, Jasmina El Bouamraoui, is a German-Moroccan illustrator from Berlin. Her hand-drawn work has a fresh feel and invites the viewer to question clichés of all kinds.

Warda Ahmed Photo: Warda Ahmed

​Warda Ahmed

The comic-artist, teacher and illustrator Warda Ahmed lives and works in the Helsinki metropolitan area. As an anti-racist feminist, she takes part in the public discourse on structures that make our societies more unequal. At the moment, she works in the project “Comics and migration” that is funded by Kone Foundation. In her comics, Ahmed deals with the migration history of her family. With the working group Sisaret 1918 (Sisters 1918) she won the Finlandia prize for comics in 2019.  

Chantal-Fleur Sandjon Photo: Chantal-Fleur Sandjon

Chantal-Fleur Sandjon

Chantal-Fleur Sandjon is a communication scientist, writer and editor. She has been working as a spoken-word artist, artistically accompanying post-colonial city walks, designing diversity workshops and working as an education officer at the Berlin Queer Education Unit. 



The project is based on cooperation. Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating with us!

Project leader: Alexandra Stang
Tel. +358 44 7222704

Project assistant: Siina Sammalisto
Tel. +358 44 7222703