Panel discussion Writing for BIPoC children

The “DRIN” project © EL BOUM

THU 5.8.2021, 18-19

Central Library Oodi

Exchanging experiences in a workshop

The project DRIN - Visions for Children's Books is organising a workshop (02.-07.08.2021) on writing children's books that aim at empowering BIPOC who are interested in or are already writing books for children.

At the event in Oodi, the participants will discuss following questions: How do the participants feel about the writing workshop so far? What kind of stories have they worked on in the workshop? What is special about writing for (BIPoC) children? What is it like to work as a BIPoC writer in Finland? What kind of a world would we like to write for children? What are the utopias and dreams of the participants and instructors?

The workshop is one answer to the question the DRIN-project asks: How to bring out new kinds of illustrations and narratives? The workshop is about networking and empowerment.

Welcome to listen and discuss with us!

The participants are:
illustrator Jasmina El Bouamraoui (El Boum), 
writer Chantal-Fleur Sandjon 
comic artist Warda Ahmed.
Further participants to be confirmed.

The event will be organised according to prevailing Covid-19 restrictions.

The panel discussion is part of the project DRIN - Visions for Children's Books