Workshop DRIN @ Sparkplug Festival

Drei Vierecke aufeinander, an denen Körperteile gezeichnet sind. © El Boum

Tue, 17.08.2021

Galleri Box, Gothenburg

Non-binary drawing-dreams

Illustrators Warda Ahmed and El BOUM (Jasmina El Bouamraoui) will host a workshop at the Gothenburg Sparkplug Festival as part of the project DRIN - Visions for Children's Books. They want to create a space where LGBTQ+ people feel free to express themselves and their non-binary dreams and visions. During the workshop they will discuss how to approach character building with focus on non-binary figures. How do you draw someone outside the gender binary? What are the things to consider? How can we empower each other through drawing?

The focus of the workshop is non-binary character building but Warda as well as Jasmina are working with an intersectional perspective in mind. That means that they will spotlight the interconnectedness of social categorisations such as i.e. race, class and gender, to name a few. Apart from the short theoretical approach, the work will mainly be practical and we will try out ourselves drawing some supersize non-binary characters. 

The Sparkplug LGBTQ+ Festival by Status Queer takes place from 16th of August until 22nd of August in Gothenburg. More information can be found on the organiser's website or in Facebook/ Instagram