Meet the author Friday readings in the context of the project DRIN

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Fri, 24.09.2021 -
Thu, 31.03.2022


Organized by the German Academy for children and youth literature

In collaboration with the German Academy for children and youth literature the project DRIN co-hosts Friday evening reading sessions. Via Zoom a variety of authors will be reading their stories and converse with the audience. 

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FRI 8.10. 8 pm (GMT+3) Simon van der Geest: "Der Urwald hat meinen Vater verschluckt"

In his children's and youth novels Simon van der Geest deals wonderfully and in a sensible manner with family secrets and sibling relationships. He also shows how family secrets affect the lives of young people for many years and what an impact they have on youngster's future relationships.

The author, who comes from the Netherlands, reads from his latest novel and talks about the writing process as well as the research behind it. 

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FRI 24.9. 8 pm (GMT+3) Andrea Karimé: "Sterne im Kopf und ein unglaublicher Plan"

The author Andrea Karimé's work is distinguished by intercultural stories and child protagonists with an without immigration background. In her latest children's book "Sterne im Kopf und ein unglaublicher Plan" (children's book of the month in May 2021) she tells a story of an 11-year-old girl Lama. With the clever writing typical for Karimé she tells about the power of reading as well as about friendship and living between cultures. 

In the discussions with the author these topics arise, but mostly we will talk about diversity in children and youth literature and ask, what chances it has changing the general discussion around diversity.