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Kasa Bibliothek

Kasa Bibliothek
©The Podcast Audacityto

Goethe-Institut Ghana presents  KASA BIBLIOTHEK, a  Plattform to discuss specific and diverse topics which will be interspersed with musical performance. The first event comes off at the Goethe-Institut Library on Friday, 27th March, 2020.

"To speak" and "library" are the words "KASA BIBLIOTHEK" from the Akan and German languages respectfully. This event expands on the ideals of the podcast Audacityto, which focuses on the understanding of the creative force, its effects and they that harbor it within via art, culture and spirituality.
On the last Friday of every month, starting from the 27th of March 2020, the Goethe Institut library will give room for conversations between a mix of artists, professionals, technologists, students, everyday people from different cultures, countrieswhich will be interspersed with live musical performances moderated by singer/songwriter and cultural policymaker ELi A Free.
About The Artist:
Born Edward Elikplim Ayikoe in the city Accra, which has been his home and space where he practices his art. He is known to many as Eli A Free.
A singer, songwriter, composer, poet, cultural policy maker and activist he has over the years performed on some of Ghana’s biggest stages, composed music for key players in the movie industry such as Shirley Frimpong Manso of Sparrow Productions, continental advertisement campaigns during the last ebola outbreak for Coca Cola against the spread of the disease, UNICEF’s campaign against open deification, collaborated with local and international acts such as Wanlov, EL, Kyekyeku, Kojo Cue, Matti and Max Le Daron among others.
Also he has featured in many local and international newspapers, web press organisations and radio networks such as Okay Africa, Ameyaw Debrah, The Fader, Quartz, VOA, La Radio Nova, Pan African Music, Worldwide Radio UK, Ghana Music, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Les Oreilles Curieuses, conduit Music,Graphic Showbiz, Daily Guide, Grenouille, True Africa, Beehype, LIFE and also participated in the Loop Barcelona Art Fair through a collaboration with Cape Town (South Africa) based artist Lhola Amira.
To his name are a body of works such as ‘Buying Our Freedom‘ which he collaborated with the artist Alex Wondergem on a solo project dubbed ‘The Inbetween Days‘ which he released as a compilation of his best work over the years and most recently the songs Omon Jara ft Worlasi and Sebetutu, ‘A Most Ghanaian Song‘  ft Bryte.

How Can You Join?
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Episode 1: 
Goethe-Institut Ghana presents  KASA BIBLIOTHEK, a  Plattform to discuss specific and diverse topics which will be interspersed with musical performance. 

Episode 2
Theme: Existense
Inspired by the phrase artists must begin to view themselves as cultural policy makers the book Fair Cooperation ( A New Paradigm for Cultural Diplomacy and Arts Management ) by Annika Hampel. The questions to Annika Hampel are in regards to the effects of the ongoing pandemic to artists, art and culture which bases much of its work on cooperation.
And to also understand the means by which artists became cultural policy makers and also establish why they should perceive themselves as such and what the economic and non-economic benefits of that could be.

Episode 3
Theme:A Conversation on Rhythm as a rite of passage to Mastery.
Christoph Matenaers is a musician, music-creator, -researcher and -curator based in Berlin/Germany. As a musician he performs in various formations at international venues and festivals and creates soundtracks for Movies, Theater, Contemporary Dance and Performance Art.
While doing an Internship at the Goethe Institut Nairobi in Kenya he found his focus on global music through projects like „Ten Cities“, „BLNRB” or „Translating HipHop“. Further on he works as a cultural entrepreneur with his music collective MAKAKALI. In a world of plurality, inner complexity, and ongoing development, he believes that music and art play an important role. 

Episode 4
Theme:Thought and Emotion
Daddo Gyan who discusses Marriage (Thought & Emotion). Emotions happen in the body, while feelings form in the mind.
As a critical part of the human experience, we examine these two aspects of daily life from the viewpoint of the artist, the varied perspectives that exist, and our collective memory.
Daddo Gyan's RAW-HEART-NO-FRILLS approach to music is influenced by the doo-wop, highlife, blues, reggae and folk music he grew up listening to. Often found weaving stories with his raspy singing voice and guitar, Daddo has graced stages big and small - from concert halls to cozy lounges, with a few of his songs setting scenes in award-winning films from Accra to Cannes and everywhere in-between.

Episode 5
Tommy WAě is a free-spirited artist based in Ghana with music and visual storytelling as his core mediums. He considers himself an artist with multi - soulful genres at the brim of his DNA, offering an introspective organic blend of groovy Afro Folk acoustics and poetic monologues.
Immensely identifying with the art of performance, under his Moniker "Tommy Maverick", he released his debut effort Me in me a four-song EP in 2016. 
Amongst upcoming singles and collaborations, Tommy WAě is at the recording phase of his next effort, scheduled for release next year's raining season - an Africanfuturism guide to breaking down the challenges of seeing the familiar with new eyes

Episode 6
Thema:Live Performance
Kankam is a Ghanaian singer and songwriter born in Kumasi, in the heart of the Ashanti region of Ghana - West Africa.
After high school, he began to pursue his passion for music. In 2003, he picked up the guitar and learned to play. Shortly after, he started writing songs in his mother tongue TWI as Pidgin.
His first single came out in 2012. 'Mekondo Adiebi'. This Afrobeat inspired song was featured on the popular television programme 'Allo Tigo' and played on major radio stations across Ghana. Today, Kankam has released 7 singles including his latest song featuring upcoming Afro-pop artiste Famey3. The highlife-inspired song Maadwoa was released at the end of July to rave reviews from highlife lovers around the world. Kankam is back in the studio writing and recording his next 3 singles and gearing up for an album in June 2021.