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Start Making Games

How do you create an interesting game? What is the process for becoming a game developer and the steps for production-to-marketing your own game? The PRESS START! podcast invites us to explore the world of game development with experts from Germany and Indonesia.


Host : Adam Ardisasmita (AGI)
Adam Ardisasmita is the CEO of Arsanesia / Arsa Kids, a game company founded in 2011. He is currently the appointed vice chairman of the Indonesian Game Association and is actively fostering game development communities in Indonesia. He frequently speaks at gaming events and regularly creates content related to the game industry on his personal blog and YouTube channel. As a trusted Intel Innovator, Adam is an Intel technology ambassador in the gaming field.


The Journey of a Solo Developer

Episode 15 - Season 2 - Press START! Cover Art
© Goethe-Institut Indonesien
Mohammad Fahmi (indie game developer) started his own game studio after successfully helping develop the internationally renowned game “Coffee Talk”. He shares his experience and challenges in building his own studio.

Episode 15 - Season 2 - Press START! Podcast

Mohammad Fahmi — Indie Game Developer

Mohammad Fahmi is an indie game developer, consultant, and freelance writer based in Jakarta. He was the chief editor of a local Indonesian gaming publication called Tech in Asia and was the director of Coffee Talk. He is currently working on other games while trying to help other indies in Indonesia.

Previous Issues

Becoming a Café Singer in a Video Game

Episode 14 - Season 2 - Press START! Cover Art
© Goethe-Institut Indonesien
Dinia Ridanti (Rolling Glory) is a voice actress, community manager, and studio manager in the gaming industry. She recounts her experience playing a bard in a game where she sang three songs in the game’s tavern.

Episode 14 - Season 2 - Press START! Podcast

Dinia Ridanti — Studio Manager, Rolling Glory

Dinia Ridanti is a studio manager at the digital creative company Rolling Glory in Bandung. Her interests and experience in the gaming industry in Indonesia range from being an MC for Indonesia Bermain 2011 (Indonesia Game Festival), being a voice actress for various local game characters, content administrator and model for the text-based simulation game Salah Sambung.

Gamification for Education

Episode 13 - Season 2 - Press START! Cover Art
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Ardhan Fadhlurrahman (Pahamify) specializes in gamification in education. He explains the strategy of creating gamification projects that impact users.

Episode 13 - Season 2 - Press START! Podcast

Ardhan Fadhlurrahman — Product Manager, Pahamify

Ardhan is a product manager specialized in gamification at Pahamify. He is also program manager at Asosiasi Games Indonesia. He started his career as a teaching assistant at Universitas Indonesia specializing in software engineering subjects and game development. He later became UX researcher lead for an IoT startup to further immerse himself in human computer interaction. He obtained his postgraduate degree from University of South Wales in Cardiff majoring in Games Enterprise (Design & Production) with a focus on animation and VR. Ardhan is determined to support Indonesia’s game developers in general as well as game research and collaboration between campuses.