Feature film / Thriller, Drama
Blame Game

Das Ende der Wahrheit/Blame Game
Photo (detail): © Bernd Schuller

102 Min. | Germany 2018
Director: Philipp Leinemann | Cast: Ronald Zehrfeld, Alexander Fehling, Axel Prahl, Claudia Michelsen, Antje Traue | Language: German, with English subtitles

Martin Behrens is a Middle East expert for the German intelligence agency BND for whom he obtains information that leads to a U.S. drone strike on a wanted terrorist in fictional country Zahiristan. A few days later, a terrorist attack presumed to be a payback for the drone strike hits all too close to home for Martin. Shaken to his core, he starts to investigate the linked attacks on his own. What he uncovers will bring him to the realisation that the line between good and evil is far more narrow that he could have ever imagined.
Featuring tour-de-force performances by A-list actors Ronald Zehrfeld (The People vs Fritz Bauer, 2015) and Alexander Fehling (of TV series Homeland and Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds), this gripping political thriller written and directed by Philipp Leinemann tackles exploitation by big corporations head on.

A highly topical and entertaining thriller.

Deutsche Welle

05.10.2019 | 7 PM | GoetheHaus
04.10.2019 | 9 PM | CGV Paris Van Java
04.10.2019 | 9 PM | CGV Jwalk Mall
04.10.2019 | 9 PM | Cinemaxx Plaza Renon
04.10.2019 | 9 PM | CGV Marvell City
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German Film Awards 2019:
Best Supporting Actor (nominated)

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