Film Festival
German Contemporary Cinema

ciff 2017
@ Goethe-Institut Chennai

At Chennai International Film Festival 2017
in cooperation with Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation

The Chennai International Film Festival aims at presenting the best of
International and Indian films in Chennai and showcases the best of Tamil films to the world. It is a platform to bring together people from various cultures through the medium of Cinema and to contribute to the appreciation of film cultures of different nations in the context of social and cultural ethos. Goethe- Institut participates every year with a selection of current award-winning productions in order for Chennaiites to gain exposure to German Films.

Bright Nights (Helle Nächte)
Dir.: Thomas Arslan | D/Nor 2016/2017 | 86 min.
While on a trip to bury his father in remote northern Norway, Michael is determined to bond with his estranged teenage son.

End of the Season (Zwischen den Jahren)
Dir.: Lars Henning | D/F 2016/17 | 97 min.
After serving life sentence, convicted murderer Becker is released from prison. He only wants to start a new life but his past unexpectedly
catches up with him when he is confronted by widower Dahlmann.

Five Women (5 Frauen)
Dir.: Olaf Kraemer | D 2015/16 | 98 min.
Like every year five girlhood friends meet for a weekend and relax in south of France. One night a man breaks into the house and the
idyll goes to pieces.

Dir.: Christian Schwochow | D/F 2016 | 123 min.
A Biopic on Paula Modersohn-Becker: Painting is an unacceptable vocation for a woman in provicial Germany in 1900s.... but Today she is hailed as one of the most important progenitors of expressionism.

Tiger Girl
Dir.: Jakob Lass | D 2017 | 91 min.
Margerete takes up a job as a security guard after failing the police entrance exam. A mysterious heroine, named Tiger comes to her rescue one night when she is struggling to deal with a sexually aggresive colleague. The duo begin regaining the streets for women.

Dir.: Nicolette Krebitz | D 2016 | 97 min.
A woman has a strange encounter on her way to work: She finds herself gazing into a wild pair of eyes, and it seems that her entire life hitherto has been a joke.

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