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Max Mueller Bhavan | India Pune

About us

Outside View (Entrance) © Foto: © Shivprasad Joshi Outside View (Entrance) Foto: © Shivprasad Joshi
The Goethe-Institut is involved in all fields of cultural work in Pune and the surrounding area.

It is well known for its intensive language course programme with 25 units of instruction in German per week, which is unique to South Asia. This programme gives course participants from all over India, particularly university students and young scientists, engineers and IT professionals, the opportunity to fulfil specific job requirements in a short period of time, or to prepare themselves for a stay in Germany.

Another key role played by the institute is its function as a regional training and professional development centre for teachers of German.
The cultural programme aspires to meet the exacting demands posed by every category of art and culture.
Our library is committed to the literary sector and provides information about current affairs in Germany.