Language Scholarship recipient

Anaclet Ogot
© Julian Manjahi

Anaclet Ogot has been learning German at Goethe-Institut Nairobi since 2016. He got a one-month scholarship to study German at the Goethe-Institut Göttingen on the merit of his good performance in his B1 exams. He learns German simply because he loves the language and would like to teach it.

What was your first impression of Germany?
It’s nice, really well organized. It’s a place I’d wish the reader could visit.

How did you find learning German in Germany?
It was a little more difficult than learning it in Kenya because the teacher can only explain in one language. But interestingly and to be expected is that you learn more vocabulary at a faster pace.

What were some of your most interesting experiences?
My flight to Germany marked one of my best experiences and the adventures began as soon as I landed. I was to take a 2-hour train from Hannover to Göttingen. I found the systems to be really well organized as I was able to navigate my way to Göttingen, with a few hitches of course. Finding the Institute in Göttingen was also a challenge. I also had great trips to visit friends in Berlin, Hannover, and Hamburg, which are beautiful cities if I might add.

What has learning German meant for you?
I’m driven because the ability to speak a foreign language is a great plus for me. Learning German has brought opportunities for working with German organisations like the Goethe-Institut Nairobi as well as working on online German language projects with different organisations.

Could you describe your stay in Germany?
It was winter, and it seemed hard for foreigners but I got used to it really fast. Shopping in the supermarkets was quite challenging as it is different from those here in the country. On the plus, I got to visit the Christmas markets in Göttingen. There I got to try out Glühwein and Kinderpunsch. I enjoyed meeting people, some of them now friends, from different countries.

Quick-fire Questions

  • Food to try out in Germany: Döner, Curry Wurst, Brötchen
  • Favourite German Football team: Bayern Munich
  • German city to visit: Berlin
  • German Movie: I don’t watch a lot of films
  • Beautiful point/ place to visit in Germany: Altes Rathaus, Hannover
  • Best thing about learning German at the Goethe-Institut: Meeting people from all walks of life, high tech facilities. It’s simply home.