Language Scholarship recipient
Njoki Waweru

Njoki Waweru GT
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Njoki Waweru, 22. started learning German in high school and continues to learn it so she can study in Germany. She received a one-month scholarship to study German in Düsseldorf from the Goethe-Institut Nairobi. She likes learning German because of the structured nature of the language.

What’s different about learning German in Germany as compared to here in Kenya?
It was exciting to be in a class with people of different nationalities. In addition to that, our teacher was very creative in her delivery of the lessons. Although they were 4 hours long, the class was never boring. And since you get to apply the knowledge more, the learning happens at a faster pace.

What experience contradicted your expectations?
I went with an open mind hence not so much. Maybe the weather? It was way colder than I thought it would be.

Tell us a little bit about your accommodation?
I lived on the upper floor of Frau Fischer’s house on the southern part of Düsseldorf, a 12-minute ride with the S-Bahn (regional train). The house was cozy and comfortable. I had more space than is enough and the neighbourhood is really nice.

What do you think of learning German?
Learning German is not hard. If you can make connections, think in patterns it will be quite interesting for you. You can make so much out of one German verb (noun, adjective, etc.). It is also not only what you learn in class but that what you learn on your own that makes the difference.

Why choose Düsseldorf?
First, it is a small city and hence not so busy. And then there is the Mediahaffen which has beautiful architecture.

What has learning German meant for you?
Meeting new people, learning a new culture, gaining a new perspective, a lot of opportunities.

Quickfire Questions

  • The film you’d recommend
Film ab! Unsichtbare Liebe in Deutschland
  • German Artist to look out for
Max Giesinger, Contra K
  • Place you’d like to visit
  • Food for someone to try out
  • Magazine to look out for at the library
Brigitte, Schöner Wohnen