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Logo Beirut Art Residency Beirut Art Residency
Beirut Art Residency is a nonprofit, artist-run interdisciplinary space welcoming residents from all artistic backgrounds. During their time, residents are encouraged to diverge from their usual practice and experiment with new ideas. The residency seeks to foster cross-cultural relations between participants and the local artistic community in Beirut. This is achieved through organized screenings, workshops, open panel discussions and performances with art professionals from the Middle East and around the world.

Metropolis Art Cinema Association Metropolis Art Cinema Association The Metropolis Association was created in 2006 to develop a cinema culture in a country that lacks cultural policy from the public sector: its main goal is to allow cultural diversity, dialogue through cinema, and to promote it by presenting it in its different genres, eras and tendencies. Since 2008, it programs the Metropolis Empire Sofil Theater, at the heart of Ashrafieh – Beirut. Metropolis presents today the only alternative for auteur films in Lebanon.